The Purge 1×03 “The Urge to Purge” Review: Let the Killings Begin

Things have escalated for our main characters inThe Purge’s third episode, “The Urge To Purge.” As most everyone continues their attempts to stay alive, Penelope is not one of them.

As Penelope becomes the next member of the cult to be offered up, we see a series of flashbacks revealing the night her and Miguel’s parents are murdered. The flashbacks start with Miguel and Penelope making a fort in their living room with their mother right as their father is coming home from work. It paints an image of a loving middle-class family.

As the flashbacks continue, a man visits their parents with a scam. He promises them they’ll be safe on Purge night and even be paid for staying at home. This isn’t the case, however. On the first Purge, we see how Penelope and Miguel survive the night. As their father is defending their apartment, their mother has the two hide on the closet floor underneath clothes. In the last moments, the children hear their mother be shot just outside the closet door.

Back in the present, that memory continues to fuel Miguel’s need to find his sister. With the help of a fellow Marine, Miguel is able to locate the bus Penelope is on. As Miguel moves in on the bus, Penelope willingly walks into the arms of a group of murderous-looking nuns. They put a bag over her head and throw her into an RV. As they drive away from the bus, they come face-to-face with Miguel. Little does he know the moment the RV drives past him, so does his sister.

As Jane continues to remain sane in her office building, she also is able to close her deal. While hoping the deed is done and her boss has been murdered, he calls into the conference room showing that he is definitely not dead. This makes Jane panic.

Speaking of the dead, later in the evening Jane loses sight of Allison and Mark, her two employees both up for a promotion. After leaving the safe floor she finds Allison stabbing Mark to death with a pair of scissors. Talk about a way to show you’re willing to do whatever it takes for a job.

Now onto the most mysterious couple of them all. Rick and Jenna want to close a deal and develop homes in an area where no one wants to live. They meet with Lila’s father, Stanton, about wanting to build a new complex to help people live in affordable housing. The couple ends up making a deal with the man who is very much pro-Purge. Since he enjoys the holiday, Stanton wants to celebrate the deal by Purging, the thing neither of Rick or Jenna approve of.

Stanton reveals the man he wants to Purge has been stealing from his site for years. Stanton offers Rick the opportunity to kill the man, but he bravely reveals they don’t Purge. However, that doesn’t stop Stanton from shooting the guy right in front of them. After that, Jenna wants to pull out of the deal but Rick says they have to stay in it. You can’t blame Jenna for not wanting dirty money, but on the other hand, you can’t blame Rick for being a good businessman.


There’s is definitely something more going on with the couple under the surface, especially with Stanton’s mysterious daughter Lila, who keeps floating around the party. We’re only a few episodes into the ten-episode series and we have barely scratched the terrifying surface.


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