The Purge 1×05 Review: “Rise Up” Sets Things Up to Get Bloody

“Rise Up” marks the halfway point for the limited series and it sets up future episodes in a way that is sure to end in blood. After an episode that was weak, “Rise Up” does just the opposite. It rose up to the challenge and brought chaos to our characters as they attempt to survive purge night.

At the Stanton Mansion, Catalina tries to help get Jenna and Rick out of the house before something goes down. Rick is too far to hear her warning and gets pulled into a room with the other guests where Stanton “offers up” three people for the millionaires to purge. When no one is looking, Rick takes one of the complementary knives and stashes it in his jacket.

Meanwhile, Jenna goes upstairs to Lila to try and fix the mess Rick started earlier. She tells her through a closed door that what happened in their past doesn’t matter now that they’re in danger per Catalina’s warning. Rick finds Jenna upstairs and within seconds they hear gunshots. That’s when they look through a window and see a mob of people closing in on the mansion, shooting everyone on sight.

As they attempt to flee, they find Catalina with a gun in the basement. That’s when Jenna and Rick learn she is with the group infiltrating the mansion and killing all the NFFA members. She knows they’re not with the murderous party and helps them escape the mansion. But by the looks of things outside, they might have been safer staying inside.

At the Carnival of Flesh, Penelope is reunited and sold to her terrible ex-boyfriend Henry who bought her so he could basically kill her. In flashbacks, we learn that the two once had a loving relationship but in a turn of events, the former couple begins fighting and Henry slaps Penelope for trying to leave. We see Miguel come out of nowhere and almost beats the life out of Henry. Miguel busts out Henry’s eye and then leaves him on the road bleeding out.

In the hell-hole of a carnival, Penelope tells Henry she won’t break because she is stronger than him. She proves it too because she says all of this as she is tied to a post about to be lit on fire. For her, the only thing she has left is her life and she could care less if she loses it.

As for her brother, Miguel finally makes it to her. He hears Penelope scream inside the tent and in that moment security tackles him down for breaching the carnival. Henry comes out to find Miguel pinned to the ground and tells security he’ll pay whatever for him so he can torture them both.


With five episodes and many hours left in Purge night, it leaves you wondering if the main characters will all come out alive or if one of them will become another victim to the night.


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