Survivor: David vs. Goliath 37×04 Review: “Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse”

It’s tribe swap week on Survivor: David vs. Goliath! Survivor normally sticks to a tried-and-true formula when it comes to its season structure. The fourth episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath kept to that tradition by breaking up the early alliances of the Davids and Goliaths with a swap. This twist shakes up the game and it causes players to finally make some moves. Based on the events of “Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse,” the twist delivered yet again.

Before the tribe swap, we had to say goodbye to Bi in an absolutely heartbreaking scene. Survivor has had its fair share of quitters who couldn’t take the pressure, but Bi doesn’t fit in that category. Her reason for quitting was bigger than the game of Survivor. Her knee injury could’ve seriously affected her athletic career if she had made it worse. It’s surprising that the medical team allowed her to continue playing if it potentially could’ve been serious. Bi could barely walk onto the beach for the twist, let alone compete in any of the physical challenges.

Kudos to her for putting her health and real life first. I love Survivor and would do anything to stay/play (and thousands of others would do the same, too), but there has to be a line at irreparable harm. Bi’s entire career as an MMA fighter could’ve ended if she messed up her leg in one of the challenges. She made the best decision for her health and future.

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The divide of the Davids and Goliaths into their three new tribes was eerily organized. Similar to Survivor: Ghost Island, the castaways were evenly divided among themselves, where the majority tribe held dominant power in their new tribes. You would naturally expect that the Davids would be at a severe disadvantage here, but past Survivor seasons have shown that people are willing to turn on each other if it means making a big move. All a castaway has to do if they’re in the minority is to build relationships and seize the opportunity if a moment opens up. Davie and Elizabeth did just that by manipulating Alec into considering all his options. Great job on their part for hustling!

Unfortunately, I think he made the wrong choice. The original Goliaths outnumbered the Davids on the new Vuku tribe, so they had the majority advantage going into every vote. Once someone was voted out, Carl would return from Exile Island and join the tribe. The balance would either give the Goliaths or Davids the decision power. Alec placed himself and Kara in a bad position when he voted out Natalia and manipulated Kara into voting another way. There’s no guarantee that Elizabeth, Davie, and Carl won’t team up now that he’s joined their tribe. Alec should’ve worked with Natalia for a vote or two to keep the balance of power on his side.

Sure, Natalia’s paranoia and blunt attitude rubbed everyone the wrong way and it must’ve been hell living with her. However, the benefits of keeping her around outweighed the personality conflict. Natalia had already dug her hole, and she would continue to show people why they wouldn’t want to vote her to win Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Keeping her around would secure the voting power and it would make her the perfect GOAT.

At the Jabeni tribe, Natalie is keeping with her trend of directing orders and destroying her personal relationships. She has no shot to win Survivor: David vs. Goliath, none at all. The former Davids were shocked by her approach, and by the looks of the Goliaths, they were all on the same page. Natalie might stick around a few rounds if her former tribemates vote together, or if she turns on them, but she will eventually get the boot.

Gabby on the Tiva tribe did have big reasons to be concerned. Christian blended right in with his new tribe and made solid connections with the Goliaths. She, on the other hand, came off as the outsider. Unless she turns on her friend or a miracle happens that shakes up the tribe, she will be the next one to go if they lose the challenge. Gabby might not be cut out for Survivor. She has to get her head in the game and put her future forward if she wants any chance to stick around.


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Carl discovered Survivor’s newest created twist: the hidden immunity idol nullifier. I love this twist! For countless Survivor seasons, hidden immunity idols have come into play to shake up strategy and throw off votes. The only way for it not to work, however, is if someone plays it wrong or gets voted out with it. The nullifier will be great to see someone’s best-laid plans blow up in their face, which is if Carl accurately picks the right person at the right Tribal Council. Do you think he will do it successfully?

“Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse” focused heavily on new relationships and dwindling alliances. The second phase of Survivor: David vs. Goliath officially started by forcing these players to make new alliances and think of their feet. Some prospered while others fell to the same issues and we were treated to a juicy blindside that was great for the viewers, but terrible for the game players. This move will no doubt come back to haunt the Goliaths in the future.


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