STAR 3×05 Review: “Someday We’ll All Be Free”

We knew never to trust Olivia! Ever since Bianca’s sister arrived on STAR, there was something off about her. Olivia kept hanging around Alex, she was too involved in Alex’s business, and she used the memory of her dead sister to manipulate everyone. Plus, her stealing the spotlight from Alex’s first solo gig sent off all the warning signs. Sooner or later Olivia’s ulterior motives would’ve been exposed. I’m so happy her shady ways were discovered and now she’s gone from STAR.

Derek, Star, and Simone knew from the beginning of the episode, titled “Someday We’ll All Be Free,” that Olivia needed to get moving. Alex’s guilt for Bianca blinded her to Olivia’s shadiness, which was understandable due to her survivor’s guilt. However, the others had the right mind to know what was up. The fact that Alex quickly forgave Olivia for the performance sabotage proved that she was too deep into the mess to see clearly.

I loved that Star was the one to stand up for Alex and go toe-to-toe against Olivia in the way of words. Even with all the drama, Take 3 loves each other and they’ll always be there to protect one another. They’re sisters for life. If Star wasn’t pregnant, she would’ve slapped and fought Olivia right then and there in the studio. Olivia threatened Star’s baby and Star wouldn’t let that slide unless she had someone else to protect.

Olivia’s big twist wasn’t too surprising. She kept bringing up her sister for everything, so the reveal was a possibility I had thought during episode three. Plus, Olivia always seemed more invested in trying to BE Alex instead of honoring her sister’s memory–that sealed the deal for me. Thankfully, Alex saved herself from the obsessed fandom attack. It would’ve been a shame for her to be trapped in Olivia’s clutches for too long. However, the sex tape already caused its damage.

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Despite the controversy that will soon befall Take 3 (again), Mateo is going to love the extra press for his business. Whatever helps him get more money will make him happier. His gambling addiction storyline looks like it might play a bigger part in the company business. Nina wasn’t happy about them already being in debt and her going against him to delay the festival finances could spark drama between the pair. Could he gamble away control of the company? Might Cassie and Maurice seize upon that opportunity?

Noah better not stand by his decision to hook up with Megan because that move is only going to cause him trouble. Seriously, he’s starting a romance with Maurice’s ex-wife, the man who currently controls his record contract. That’s not a smart decision! Maurice showed that he was jealous about their early flirtation and he tried to win Megan back. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Maurice undermines Noah to get his revenge. He already stepped up to Cassie at gunpoint and he has nothing left to lose.

Carlotta had the biggest journey for her character development. Even though she fought each step along the way, the 72-hour psych hold was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. I discussed in past reviews of STAR that Carlotta pushed herself too hard after Jahil’s death when she never took time to grieve. That inner turmoil triggered her physical, mental, and emotional breakdown.

Being forced to stay at the hospital cleared her mind, recharged her batteries, and allowed her to come to terms with her heartbreak. She finally had the time to confront Cassie about Jahil and Andy’s deaths. The sisters still aren’t on the best of terms, but they’ve progressed further than they have in a long time. It might also lead them to a place of resolution in the future which will be great for their sisterly relationship.


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Making peace with Jahil’s death, on the other hand, was the best Carlotta moment of the night. Carlotta needed to confront her feelings if she was ever going to have a chance at a happy life. The drinking and hallucinations in the recording studio only hurt her by bringing up his memory any chance she got. What I liked about Carlotta’s resolution was that she had a fully developed arc that captured her character’s grief and peace. This is a story that took three seasons in the making and it affected everyone, like Cotton and Cassie, before she accepted his fate. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

“Someday We’ll All Be Free” delivered the emotional punches that took episodes in the making. The villainous Olivia exited stage left, while Carlotta came to terms with her internal demons. This night was a big moment for character developments and it set the pieces for the bigger plots that are coming up for the rest of the season. Overall, it was a satisfying conclusion for these two arcs!

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