TV Show Review: Gossip Girl – Season 4 Premiere

Episode 4.01 “Belles de Jour”

Oooh la la… Two of our favorite Upper East Siders are in Paris, and I’m insanely jealous. I am unsure if it’s just me, but the last season of GOSSIP GIRL was a bit disappointing. The transition from high school to college was not done well. (Blair going to NYU? Pleaseeee.) Anyway, that is the past. I decided to look forward to Season 4 with an open mind. I still love characters, and a little bad writing is not going to change that.

Last night’s season premiere was excellent. My old “Gossip Girl” is back. It was a brilliant move to start the season in Paris. It made everything more exciting and just… refreshing. Blair is still masking her massive heartbreak over Chuck, while Serena is enjoying every part of Paris. She hesitates to tell Blair about her acceptance into Columbia University. However, Blair finds out. Although she was initially mad, she came to embrace the idea of them going back to school together. Back in New York City, Dan is hiding Georgina and their baby, Milo, in Brooklyn. (I’m sorry, but the name, Milo? Really?) Nate is enjoying the contacts in Chuck’s Little Black Book, until he encounters a mysterious girl named Juliet.

Again, everything is much more interesting. Blair’s date with a prince becomes a disaster when he leads her to believe that he’s the driver and not royalty.( Oh Blair, sometimes it’s a good idea to put judgment aside.) Dan has not done a paternity test, which is really weird since this is Georgina we are talking about. At the end, he signs the birth certificate, and Georgina bails without notice. Nate meets up with Juliet again, and later asks her out for coffee. We get a glimpse into her small, cheap apartment. She’s putting tags back onto her expensive clothes, and has a bulletin board full of pictures and news clipping of our favorite Upper East Siders. Not going to lie, I totally gasped at that. Why? Because she’s probably Gossip Girl. THE Gossip Girl! AHH! OH MON DIEU!

…Anyway, finally at the end, we see what happens to Chuck! He gets saved by this blonde girl (Clemence Poesy aka Fleur Delacour). Being shot made him come to the realization that he did not want to be Chuck Bass anymore. Hence, he tells the girl who saved him that his name is Henry. At the end, we see him arrive in Paris with the girl (now his girlfriend), and he’s looking positively gorgeous in casual clothing and walking with a cane. (Yes, he’s not wearing one of his usual suits, but I’m not complaining.) And we all know that Chuck (or Henry) is going to bump into Blair sooner or later.

I cannot wait for the next episode. If the premiere is any indication, we have a fabulous season of “Gossip Girl” ahead of us. (What made this episode even better? It was Jenny-free! Dieu merci!)

GOSSIP GIRL airs Monday nights at 9/8c on the CW.



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