STAR 3×10 Review: “When Stars Fall”

Life is crashing and burning for Star after the biggest moment in her life. Who knew that the past would come back to haunt her? Instead of getting to enjoy the first few days of being a mother, the puppet-master that is Charlene toyed with her emotions and led her into a devious trap. “When Stars Fall” was an apt name for STAR’s first episode of 2019.

When Charlene appeared out of the blue in Star’s hospital room, you knew that something nefarious was going to happen. Charlene would never make a bold move out in the open without a secret agenda behind it. She must’ve spent hours planning how to tear Star down because her plan worked without a hitch. Everything she did, from the attack to the bail denial, worked in her favor. However, from a believability standpoint, Star’s arrest and confinement came across as a little too forced for plot convenience.

Sure, the security team and the nurses found Star beating up Charlene in her room, but Star clearly would’ve told them that Charlene tried to take/hurt her kid. There was no reason for Charlene to be in her room in the first place since they didn’t get along nor were they friends. Plus, Charlene looked like Arlene Morgan, and people were well familiar with the drama surrounding Hunter and Star. STAR tried to make it seem like Charlene’s connections helped forcibly put Star away, but if anyone revealed the truth to the public, there would’ve been uproar online and in the news. And Take 3’s fans love being online, so you know the tides would’ve supported her.

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To add insult to injury, the opinion of the music industry media turned against Take 3. When did they suddenly become just a “talent show winning” band? Based on everything STAR told us about the group, they were apparently killing it and gaining in popularity with their album sales, heavy rotation, and press buzz. The group had enough cache to join big tours and open a festival. While they’re not superstar status yet, they were bigger than some of the acts out there. Simone had a justified reason to be upset about the editor who dismissed her value and the work she put in. Granted, she didn’t need to react the way she did, but she was justified in her anger.

Alex, on the other hand, should take the BILLBOARD opportunity and be featured in the magazine. She has a real shot to propel her solo career and this magazine story will make her a real contender for winning the ASA. And since the group is going their separate way regardless, she should start planning now. What’s interesting about her campaigning storyline was that she tried to help Take 3, even though she was the biggest proponent for starting her solo career early. Maybe Alex isn’t ready to give up her group just yet?

Unlike Take 3’s chances, Noah has a clear path set for an ASA. He’s got a performance ready to go and a potential win if he doesn’t mess things up. The problem, however, is the addiction storyline that STAR teased with his doctor’s visit. Noah talked plenty of the pressures in his life regarding the touring, campaigning, his past addiction, and now his raising of Davis with Star being locked in jail. The way he looked at the pills made it seem as if he’s about to go into a spiral after his car accident. Hopefully, he’s able to pull himself out for Davis’ sake, but the outlook doesn’t look good. Jax might end up raising Davis after all.

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Over at the Karma storyline, Cassie needs to watch her back after this trouble with Xander. She got away with the trade and saved her nephew’s life, but Xander won’t ever let her off the hook since she messed with his honor. He’ll no doubt find a way to come back and deliver his form of revenge though because he’s a toxic and petty man like that. In the interim, she and Derek’s new partnership will help Karma survive and thrive in the wake of Xander’s criminal influence. And if she can survive her own drama with her father, this will be easy.

My heart went out to Carlotta after the past came back to hurt her. She didn’t ask for her mother and stepfather to visit her house or how her mother reacted to the rape news. Before this encounter, Carlotta picked herself up and lived her life for years in spite of the pain she experienced; she survived then and she’ll thrive now. Her parents are horrible people and hopefully she never has to see them ever again!


“When Stars Fall” challenged each of the characters to face the reality of life in a post-Rhythm & Bells world. Without the sheen of the festival drama, they had to chart their path and determine where they needed to go next. Some are working towards their futures while others are stuck in a potentially destructive limbo. When it comes to chart success, not everyone is going to be on top. We’ll have to see who wins out in the end. (I’m hoping for a surprise Take 3 win.)

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