Big Brother Canada 7 Week 2 Review: Everyone Loves A Tied Vote!

A Big Brother house divided creates the perfect opportunity for plenty of heated drama. That reality came to fruition during the second week of Big Brother Canada 7. More often than not, the season would’ve taken weeks before the players split the house down the middle with competing alliances. Instead, these houseguests drew the line deep into the sand to define the balance of power. It didn’t matter if they wanted Kyra or Maki to stay around (that personal reason was inconsequential) – the drive was all about keeping numbers.

Adam’s plan to create a secret all-male alliance – “The Pretty Boys” – turned into early success. He, Dane, Mark, and Anthony controlled the flow of power during the week with challenge wins, sharing information, and making deals. This alliance now has two Head of Household wins and one Power of Veto win in their resume. Plus, their web of relationships spread to Chelsea, Samantha, and Kyra, in addition to the fostering relationships with Cory and others. The Pretty Boys are sitting pretty, but they might be their own worst enemies.

With 14 people still in the house, why would they try to backdoor their own ally so soon? Sure, Adam’s showmance with Samantha could pose a problem down the line, but an extra vote means everything this early in Big Brother Canada. To make big moves, they need the numbers. All this underhanded planning will drive a wedge through the alliance. This tension has caused Adam/Chelsea/Samantha to start thinking of blindsiding the guys while the remaining Pretty Boys might turn on the girls. The group needs each other now for the numbers, but someone will eventually strike first. My money is on the Pretty Boys against Adam, Samantha, and Chelsea.

Kudos to Cory for completing her life-or-death mission in the house! Getting the chance to compete on Big Brother is a life-changing opportunity, so if completing a mission stands in the way of getting in, that mission must be conquered. I loved that she had to create three Final 2 deals within 24 hours. The mission forced her to start playing right from the get-go and build her relationships with the other players. This move helped set her up with some good alliances with Eddie, Kailyn, and Damien.

On the other hand, what was Kyra thinking when they turned down Cory’s offer?! If someone proposes you an alliance, especially when you’re already feeling like the outsider, you take the deal! Kyra needed to make all the connections they could, and they willingly threw a gift that was handed to them. Just imagine if Cory was able to vote this week, Kyra’s spurned offer would’ve come back to haunt them in the worst way.

Eddie and Estefania proved to be two houseguests we need to keep our eyes on. Firstly, Eddie is a social manipulator who knows how to mess with people’s minds. He easily caused Samantha and Adam to doubt their own plans. He planted the seeds that could’ve fostered into a big move. Estefania, on the other hand, is more of the warm-hearted manipulator. She guided Maki down the right path and corrected all the messes he created in his campaigning. Unfortunately, his Big Brother game was not salvageable at that point, but she fixed what no one thought could be done.

On the flip side, Kailyn’s days in the house may be numbered. Anyone who is deemed as the “wise one” or “mother figure” who people come to for advice usually gets targeted early on. And since she’s on the opposite side of the house, the enemies might come after her to break up a friendship. If she does leave early, I will miss her wit and sass. Her comeback to Kyra during their conversation was the picture of petty dreams. So glorious!

Big Brother Canada 7 introduced a new rule for the Power of Veto competition: Going forward until Final 5, the Head of Household cannot play in the POV anymore so that only means five people will play (i.e. the two nominees and three people from the random draw). At first, I hated this twist because it messed with the game and ruined Big Brother’s process.


However, I’ve warmed up to the idea (slightly) because it stops the HOH from having complete control during a week. There have been plenty of weeks where the HOH gets too much power and controls everything, making it dull and formulaic. Here, there is the potential for some shake-ups. I’m intrigued for what could possibly happen as the weeks go on and more players leave. Maybe we’ll start seeing the POV used more often?

Maki’s odds of winning Big Brother Canada 7 were non-existent. He didn’t know how to play the game, he didn’t want to be devious, and he said every worst thing you could say while campaigning. The Big Brother house bounced back and forth multiple times between Kyra and Maki before settling on his eviction. He didn’t help his position in the slightest and, despite everything that happened, Dane couldn’t save him during the tie vote. It wouldn’t be a smart move for him. Neither of the nominees are particular favorites of mine, but at least Kyra wants to play Big Brother Canada and win. Maki … he seemed more into having a good time. Enough said.

The second week of Big Brother Canada 7 defined how the next few rounds of the season will go. A power struggle emerged that will test friendships and alliances with each new victory. This is an exciting progression for Big Brother because we haven’t had an evenly split house dynamic for a long time. Hopefully, the power doesn’t sit for too long on one side; a split house only works best when the power shifts each week. The potential drama looks so tempting!



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