Music Review: ‘FASHIONABLY LATE’ by Travis Garland

 By: Melissa Berne

Do you remember the older post I wrote about Travis Garland ?! [Click here for a refresher!] Man, can this boy sing! he came out with an EP called FASHIONABLY LATE. Read on to see what I thought of his effort…


Travis Garland is the one. At least, he is one of those artists that can meld easily with Pop or R&B. Garland does a combination of the two genres as he sings on FASHIONABLY LATE. The EP opens up with the pop song ‘Fall In Lust’ in which Garland is getting his Michael Jackson vocals on. On ‘Abby Lee,’ his smooth tone navigates through the church-piano track, and his falsetto is executed to Timberlake perfection. Garland further explores his upper-register on ‘Didn’t Stand A Chance,’ a slow-tempo ode to a lover to make up her mind about being with him. As he tries his hand at the Timberlake falsetto, Travis stirs it with his seduction side on ‘Feel.’ He has a sultry yearning style to his vocals as he belts out “just make me feel.” The EP tightly demonstrates what kind of artist Travis wants to be and frankly it’s nice to hear an interpretation of Pop and R&B that’s not House music infused at a time where the charts are dominated by music that all sound the same.

Rating: 9/10


Listen to all the songs below!



FASHIONABLY LATE is available to download for free at

You can contact Travis directly on Twitter at @TravisGarland!

EXTRA: Check out Travis putting an R&B twist to Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’!


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