TV Show Review: “World of Jenks”

On Sunday night, everyone in the US (almost everyone) were watching the Video Music Awards. Most people right after the show switched the channel, went for something to eat, sleep, etc, you name it, but I didn’t. I instead like other 5 million people, I kept MTV on and waited for the premiere of a new show called “World of Jenks” and made this show the channel’s biggest show premiere in history.

The show is about Andrew Jenks, a  24-year-old documentary film maker who moves in with different people in each episode and documents on each person’s reality and situations he wouldn’t normally experience and how the world is seen through their eyes. Andrew goes through a variety of experiences, from living with a rapper, to a homeless girl, to a cheerleader, to a professional boxer, and more. Andrew’s goal is to immerse the audience into the lives of these people and show them how it is to be them in the world.

The season’s premiere featured Andrew living with the notorious New York City born rapper, Maino. People (even me) usually think that the life of a rapper is just parties and women. But Andrew showed us a different side to a rapper’s life. Maino had been in jail for 10 years, and it was in jail that he noticed that he wanted to be in the music business. He admitted that for him, if it wasn’t for jail he wouldn’t be here telling the story, like he said on the episode “sometimes you have to go through hell to get heaven”. Now not only is he one of the best rappers out there right now, but he is also a family man and an inspiration to all of the other men out there who have dreams of being rappers and abandon the street life. This episode made me realize how some people all they need is some inspiration from someone else who has already made it, so they can keep moving on in life.

The second episode was aired on Monday at 10 pm EST. It featured a 20-year-old teenager named Chad who has autism. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this episode was and how YOU need to watch it as soon as possible if you haven’t done so. In this episode you get to see Chad’s everyday life, his habits and hypersensitivity to almost everything. His worries and his parent’s devotion to give his son the best. This episode made me appreciate what I have and how for kids like Chad its always a struggle to even walk down the hallways in school and how a car’s horn can trouble him like no other. At first, you get to see Chad’s intelligence, how his room is full of books and pictures. Chad learns in school not only about regular subjects, but stuff like house chores, calling 911 and counting money, this made me realize how we take these things we learn for granted and how kids like Chad have difficulty learning them and something as small as taking pictures can set someone like him off.

This episode certainly made me feel more aware of autism. It made me feel how kids like Chad even though they go through so much, their sense of humor and personality above all, is great and deserves to be admired. How many parents deal with sons with autism and no one recognizes their efforts. At the end of the episode, me and my sister were in tears and we both said “WOW” to what an amazing show this is and the message is giving to people.

“World of Jenks” is sincerely an eye opener to different people’s situations and how anyone can learn from them. I’m glad MTV is actually taking action and sponsoring shows that have a true meaning.

“World of Jenks” airs Monday nights at 10pm EST on MTV.



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