Dynasty 3×04 Review: “Something Desperate” Fails To Hit The High Note

Not every TV series should have a musical episode – Dynasty is the perfect example of this. Just because certain cast members can belt out a song or hit a tune, that doesn’t mean the music will fit organically into the story. Most musical episodes don’t match the feeling of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Glee or Riverdale. Granted, musical episodes are naturally cringeworthy, but everything about “Something Desperate” came across as awkward and out-of-place.

The reveal of the gas leak being what caused Fallon’s hallucinations was the best course of action. Dynasty got their musical numbers while Fallon said exactly what we were all thinking as her friends and family broke out into song. Throughout the episode, as Fallon stood there confused and uttering objections, all I could say was, “Same.” Dynasty didn’t pretend like this was a natural inclusion into the series – these were Fallon’s hallucinations, plain and simple. We were meant to be a part of the joke, as weird as it may sound.

Out of all the musical numbers, only Fallon singing Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” and Blake/Adam’s duet of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” stood out as the best of the night. Let’s be real here: Fallon carried the episode with her vocals. She dominated with her emotional song, powerful vocals, and minimal choreography. Plus, the fact that Sam and Liam heard her singing over the phone made the scene even more hilarious! In Blake and Adam’s case, their vocals blended well together for a nice melody. Their dancing, on the other hand, needed some work. (Let’s not even discuss the messiness of the final musical number of the episode.)

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Adam is acting more like a whiny cartoon child each week instead of being a serious villain. With each retort and nefarious move against Fallon or Cristal, I expect to see him twirling a fake curly mustache. He wants to impress Blake and become the heir apparent for the Carrington dynasty, but he keeps focusing on petty acts that are tearing down the family around him. Why is he so obsessed with Fallon’s love life? Why can’t he compromise and work with Cristal? His actions nearly destroyed any business potential that could’ve come from the wine tasting. If anyone is Adam’s biggest enemy, it’s Adam himself. I can’t wait until he’s finally taken down because he’s become a nuisance more than anything.

Cristal, at least, tried to strengthen Blake’s legacy with the winery. All of her decisions were for what was best for the business and to help rebrand it. If the winery was in such a bad state, Adam should’ve dropped his pride to do something good for once. And he better do it fast because whatever Dominique stuck into those two wine bottles could become heaps of trouble if they turn out to be poison or something dangerous. The wine business might be hitting another hurdle pretty soon.

Fallon’s love life has resorted to being one long hurdle after another. She tried desperately to get Liam’s attention, but after all her failed attempts and consistent pleading, it shouldn’t be this hard for Liam to listen. If Liam lost his memory, wouldn’t he want to explore every avenue to get the truth? Why jump into a quickie wedding with Ashley? It’s great that he called off the engagement and wanted to focus on his memory, but being with Fallon would’ve helped the process, like what happened during “Caution Never Won A War.” Fallon and Sam proved that they’d do anything to belp him. Liam choosing to take time for himself came across as an arbitrary hurdle to separate Liam/Fallon yet again. So frustrating!

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Speaking of love life, Kirby and Culhane’s post-relationship friendship was extremely awkward. Didn’t they end on good terms? They barely dated and yet they’re acting like they had this long relationship that warranted the uncomfortable treatment toward each other. Anders was right in his judgment about Kirby – she acted reckless and childish about the situation. It wouldn’t be surprising if she hooks up with Culhane’s athlete as a way to undermine and destroy his sports business.

There’s no way Jeff and Monica will fully trust Dominique after what she did, right? Regardless of her claiming that she caused Adam’s explosion as a means of forgiveness, she had tried to steal Jeff’s money and fake his death. That little plot point from “Wild Ghost Chase” should not be forgotten. Dominique wants her money, power, and fame. She’s not going to give up stealing Jeff’s money, so Jeff should find a way to kick her out before it’s too late.


“Something Desperate” failed to hit the high note of Dynasty’s typical fun. The musical numbers felt out-of-place and the dancing was clunky, at best. In addition to that, the plots continued to throw wrenches into the story without any real pay-off to push things forward. Sometimes, we do want to see the players win instead of things dragging on for too long. Unfortunately, the awkwardness and slow pace won out this week.


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