New Music: “We Get By” by JoJo

By: Melissa Berne

In the midst of  her stalled third album, JoJo is making a mixtape and she just released its first single “We Get By.” The mixtape named Agape is set to drop on December 20th. Listen to the track after the jump!


This is…experimental. Smooth, jazz-like with a Neo-soul style. The vocal arrangement is spectacular as it always is with JoJo’s beautiful tone. She has dubbed this mixtape “genreless” and that makes it all the more exciting to hear what else she’s been brewing in the lab. What impresses me the most about JoJo is that she’s willing to try different things. She’s not interested in being placed in just one category. With her first mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me, the first single “In The Dark” was this haunting, provocative song with a sad undertone in which we heard the more subtle side of her voice. Then there was “Disaster” which was a pop ballad; her take on “Marvin’s Room” blew everyone’s mind; “Demonstrate” took it back to sexy, freaky R&B. Seriously, is there anything she can’t do? It’s exciting to see her journey in figuring out her artistry. As I’ve said before, JoJo is one to watch.


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