Dynasty 3×16 Review: “Is the Next Surgery on the House?” leaves the fate of two characters up in the air

Kirby and Culhane hosting the Atlantix party on Dynasty

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Something wicked this way comes on Dynasty and it just so happens to be the parents. Everyone is out for their own selfish gain and it seems to be the motivation of life in this soapy drama. Things look pristine and nice at first, but the Carringtons always quickly turn back to the dark side to get what they want. Fallon did whatever it took to frame Heidi, Alexis/Adam tried to steal a dead man’s liver, and Blake is being faced with ANOTHER opportunity to betray his daughter. Have the Carringtons ever learned to choose family first and leave well enough alone?

When Fallon and Blake teamed up to stop Heidi, you knew that nothing would get in their way of victory. If she were working with Liam, Fallon would set some limits, but since it’s with Blake, they’ll do whatever it takes. Flying to Arizona? Sure. Framing someone for car theft? Absolutely. Fallon and Blake are extensions of each other and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, now that Blake has been presented with the opportunity to get his business back and hurt Fallon in the process, I have no doubt he’ll accept the deal. Blake goes for victory first, but it doesn’t matter if Fallon gets in the way. They’re both two sides of the same coin.

Heidi’s paternity twist came out of nowhere. Did she not think this information would ever come out? One day, someone might ask for a DNA test or need an organ and the truth wasn’t that big of a mystery since she just blurted it out. Besides, her half-explanation for why she came back into their lives with this lie was a stretch! Let’s call it what it was: Dynasty needed a reason for Laura to be pushed over the edge and force Blake to break up Liam and Fallon. Everyone was living perfectly fine before this fake paternity arc got thrown in as a buffer between the bigger stories. This is only a plot convenience.

Cristal played too much of the victim and kept getting sidelined. Sure, she felt ignored during her business endeavors, but Blake had a point about her predicament. Cristal did plenty of bad things on her own to put herself in the situation and no one forced her to manipulate Adam or what she said to the pastor. No, that was all her. Life isn’t fair, but Cristal is equally responsible for where she ended up.

Speaking of the pastor, who else thinks they’re going to start an affair soon? The two had major chemistry, especially when they threw barbs at each other in the gym. Plus, he was so open about flirting with her. That is something we can’t ignore. With Cristal feeling neglected by Blake, she’ll no doubt foster a romance with the pastor and it will become a huge scandal in their pursuit of building the charity.

Over at the La Mirage storyline, Sam is going to regret letting his friend back into his life. He has a score to settle after being sent to prison and after all the suspicion is thrown his way after stealing the watch, he’ll want to seek revenge. Plus, making a copy of the keys will be his way to steal money from Sam! Sam continues to get hurt in his storylines. While it’s great that he has Kirby and Culhane around, it keeps going downhill for him. Who else misses the days of Sam and Steven being together in romantic bliss? (Those were the days.)

Side-note: Culhane and Kirby won’t get back together. I love that they made peace with each other and became friends again. Their friendship was strong and since they’re on the outside of most of the show’s main plots, they would help each other out. With this House of Devereaux mess in the mix, Culhane will need someone by his side when Dominique and Vanessa turn on him.

Adam and Alexis’s plan to steal the dead man’s liver was never going to work. Even if they managed to steal the organ, someone would’ve noticed a surgery being down or the information included in the records. They needed to be upfront with Jeff a long time ago! Between Jeff and Adam, could either of them die from complications of the surgery? My money is on Adam. His forewarning about going under the knife a second time is a major foreshadowing for the future. It could be sudden death or something that hits him hard, but Dynasty is playing with that card just in case they want a shocking twist. Adam is on a redemption arc, so it’s not out of the possibility of his character getting written off.


“Is the Next Surgery on the House?” set the stage for the big conflicts to come. The future of the surgery, Blake’s choice over Fallon/Carrington Atlantic, Sam’s business, and Cristal’s foundation could shape the characters for episodes to come. Their next moves are the most important as Dynasty heads toward its final stretch of episodes in season three. Things could get really dramatic from here.


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