Cat’s Movie Review: Life of Pi

The way movies are headed these days, I seem to find myself quite distracted and sometimes flat out bored while watching films. There are sometimes so many unoriginal ideas and so many remakes of past movies; it starts to get redundant, which might even turn a movie-goer away.

Life of Pi can and will bring love to any movie fanatic and will cause others to fall in love with film. While only a simple recount narration when you think about it, Life of Pi brings you through the . . . life of Pi. Pi unravels his dark and twisted fate through the seemingly trustworthy look of his home, all while recounting his life to a reporter, looking not only to write a book, but also to find his faith in God.

While it might seem a little slow and preachy at times, Life of Pi brings a whimsical and marvelous look at how things are simply overlooked, and it is definitely a movie to be watched during Thanksgiving. You never know how much you have and need to be thankful for until it’s all gone, and unfortunately, Pi loses everything he has the hard way, but still manages to survive.

The film greatly plays with your emotions and trust as it takes you on a spiritual and rather exhilarating journey through the sea as we find Pi (named Piscine after the French word for pool) trapped alone on a boat with a hungry tiger. Although I do feel that the film stuck a bit too close to the conflict between Pi and the Tiger (named Richard Parker), it still was a majestic tale of his struggle to stay alive.

Despite that I do find 3D starting to get overused a bit, the film’s vivid details and bright colors really are what caused me to love it so much. Right from the start, you see what a beautiful place we live in, and you realize what a wonderful place looks like when your entire world gets turned upside down. The greatest thing about the film is its simplicity and how it shows deep and quite emotional stages of Pi, all through picturesque scenes of life at its best.

I might have to argue that I do not feel this film will do as great as it should be doing, since it is somewhat considered a international film, and besides Gerard Depardieu and perhaps Indian  film actress Tabu, the movie doesn’t have actors that many people go watch movies for. This is definitely a must-see, and something that is so vibrantly beautiful that it will cause you to look at life a whole new way. And since it is an adaptation, it is one of those films that will make you want to read the book after watching it.

Life of Pi deserves a 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★ and that last star is taken because it does seem preachy.

Life of Pi is directed by Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain) and stars Suraj Sharma as Pi, Irrfan Khan as adult Pi, Adil Hussain as Pi’s father and Tabu as Pi’s mother. Watch the trailer below:






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