Dynasty Season 3 Finale Review: “My Hangover’s Arrived” is a night in Vegas you’ll want to remember

Sam, Kirby, and Fallon in Las Vegas on Dynasty

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

What happens in Vegas isn’t fully staying in Vegas after Dynasty’s season three finale. Fallon had the party of a lifetime that will set her and her friends up for the upcoming season. Granted, she didn’t remember everything that happened, but the growth at the end of the shenanigans offered up some of the biggest teases when Dynasty returns in the fall. Will there be a time jump to after the wedding? Will the story pick up where things left off? The abrupt season finale is leaving us with more questions than answers.

“My Hangover’s Arrived” is an apt name for the finale since the main plot was inspired by The Hangover movie trilogy. Waking up in Las Vegas with no memory of the night before has become a bit of a cheesy cliché at this point, but thanks to Dynasty’s flair for soapy drama and campy fun, the hunt to uncover the memories was an enjoyable time. All the clues were there to put the pieces together: the snake, the bachelorette swag, and then looking back at credit card purchases. However, the group is a bit self-centered, so it’s not surprising it took them nearly half the episode for them to realize Allison was missing. (Seriously, that was the first thing I picked up on!)

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

The big mystery of whether Fallon had married someone in a drunken haze seemed like a red herring. Fallon is too high-strung and controlling to let a drunken night lure her into an unplanned wedding; her first marriage to Liam was more tactical than abrupt. At first, the marriage certificate seemed like a party gag to celebrate her bachelorette, but when Dynasty dropped the bomb that Sam married Scorpio (aka Ryan), that left my jaw on the floor. Partly because Sam got surprise married, but also because Fallon lent her ring to Ryan/Sam to get married. Fallon would never willingly hand over her engagement ring sober.

Is Sam being set up to have a new love in his life or another disaster? Neither lives in the same state, so already there is some tension to the longevity for this pairing. Also, they only met for one night and still have a lot of talking/dating to do before it becomes anything serious. It wouldn’t be surprising if Sam and Ryan explore the possibilities of their quickie marriage, but if Dynasty season four were to abruptly cut off the pairing in the season premiere, that wouldn’t be shocking either. Right now, it’s looking like a plot pairing than something to last.

Fallon needs to learn to let go and trust that things will turn out well. She’s lucky that she came to that epiphany during her bachelorette party – if she tried to hand the original pre-nup to Liam in that state, their relationship would’ve suffered major damage. Liam only kept the truth of the Moldavian rescue mission a secret to protect Fallon and Kirby and it was more for love than fear. The same goes for her relationship with her friends and family. She had to trust them and let them into her life. I’m glad that she and Cristal have buried the hatchet; they do like each other and need to get back on the same page. This new Cristal isn’t the same faux Krystal she had a problem with way back when.

Side-note: Allison needs to appear more on Dynasty! She jumped in the fray of Fallon’s chaotic world and helped the group without a second thought. If the show spent a little time developing her character, we could possibly have an interesting secondary character in the mix that isn’t at the Carrington manor.

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Anders was going to do whatever it took to find the dirt on Adam and there was no way he’s going to let Adam and Kirby continue dating. Though, is it bad that they’re kind of a good match together? Adam and Kirby balanced each other out: they’re both reckless, irrational, passionate, and hot-headed, but when they truly care about someone/something, they will do whatever it takes to help them. Now that Adam blatantly lied to Kirby, that might be the straw that breaks the two apart if Anders finds proof in Montana. We’ll have to wait and see what he discovers in the new season.

Though, he should be careful now that Adam knows he’s onto him. Adam had no fear about scaring Blake and causing a substantial disaster in Moldavia just to hurt his father’s business. Anders is resourceful, but he’s not immune to Adam’s tactics. Adam’s last move caused half a billion dollars worth of business damage and that was just for revenge. The next strike could be deadlier.


Are you shipping Alexis and Jeff? Their pairing is a complicated one since they started mainly as a platonic relationship out for revenge against Blake. While they’ve adapted into being this more devious and passionate partnership, I can’t quite shake the feeling that Alexis is using Jeff. She is getting way more out of the marriage than he is, so it’s not impossible that she’s toying with him to still get the power and luxury out of life. They don’t have the makings of being endgame and someone will eventually betray the other and get their divorce.

“My Hangover’s Arrived” was a fun and upbeat adventure through Las Vegas to end off Dynasty season three on a good note. It’s a shame that we won’t get the remaining episodes in the season because the plot seems unfinished from where it left off. Hopefully, Dynasty will have something juicy planned that picks up the drama from where everyone left off. Now is the time to start the season with a bang!


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