‘Nancy Drew’ 2×3 review: “The Secret of Solitary Scribe” delivers a big red herring

Nancy and Nick explore AJ's box of research on Nancy Drew

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The Aglaeca isn’t one to pass up a good deal on The CW’s Nancy Drew. “The Secret of Solitary Scribe” dug deeper into the case of the Class of 1975 and their deal with the supernatural sea villain. These chapters are important because they tie up loose ends and double-down on the severity that the creature is coming to collect. No matter what Nancy and the Drew Crew do to appease their foe, the Aglaeca will arrive in two days to claim their lives. Samara Morgan from The Ring would love this type of deal!

The main case involving AJ Crane (i.e., the missing member of the 1975 group) was one big red herring of a plot. Everything from the totems to the lore led the characters down a path that didn’t go anywhere. Granted, it was all for the false sense of hope before revealing the surprise twist that the Aglaeca wasn’t having any of it, but it would’ve been nice for some sense of victory in this curse. The characters are stuck at a standstill and at the same spot with no idea of how they’ll survive, except knowing that bargaining with the Aglaeca won’t work. And that AJ Crane got viciously murdered to fulfill his debt.

Speaking of AJ, whatever he was doing to fight the Aglaeca and the roaming spirits was working. Why didn’t he share some secrets with Nancy and her friends? Those tips could’ve helped the group buy some extra time if they don’t find the answer in time. He might’ve lived as a recluse in his cabin, but he kept the Aglaeca at bay before he threw in the towel to die. Plus, he clearly found a way to have a successful career as a writer during his seclusion, so he was able to live a bit contrary to what he told Nancy before his death. AJ had more fight in him if he truly wanted to find a way to avoid being the Aglaeca’s next target.

Though, his move to return his “offering” was rash and ill-advised. Why didn’t he wait to find out if Nancy’s return worked? That revelation would’ve solved a lot of problems he had caused with planning to set the car on fire. His desperation clouded his judgment, and if he had worked with Nancy instead to find the solution, the outcome would’ve changed dramatically.

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It’s great that Carson and Nancy are rebuilding their bridges as father and daughter. Sure, it’s not fully healed and they have a long way to go, but even the smallest steps made the biggest strides. Carson was right there along the way to help Nancy whenever she asked, like connecting with AJ and learning more about the flower arrangement. The same goes for Nancy’s growing familial connection with Ryan Hudson – whenever Nancy needs him, he’s now down to help. Nancy has two parents wanting to connect with her; with only two days left, she should drop her guard and open up to them before it’s too late. Nancy’s cold shoulder and distance have gotten old.

Contrasting to Nancy’s father drama, Ace had it pretty easy. His opening up to his dad and putting in the effort to be with him was a sweet decision, especially with so little time left. We learned a lot about Ace’s past, his upbringing/family, and how protective his dad is of Ace. Detective Tamura needs to back off because his frustration is rubbing off on everyone and it’s going to hurt him in the long run. Why not work with Nancy for the crimes and the Aglaeca? Why not ask Ace directly about the bones? It’s clear Tamura is up to something and he’s intrigued by the Drew Crew, but his actions aren’t helping his case.

George and Nick finally got together! It took many mysteries, but the two threw caution to the wind and hooked-up. The pair needed to move forward in their relationship; there was too much uncertainty about past relationships and what they wanted for the future. Having them take the next step felt refreshing to see some progress. Doing it in the truck, however, was the stupidest decision they could’ve done. Did they not remember drowning in the truck is how they’ll die? They could’ve hooked up anywhere. Just get rid of the truck!

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“The Secret of Solitary Scribe” tied up one loose end in the Aglaeca’s mystery, but it didn’t move the characters any further in their mission to stop the sea creature. One avenue closed, but there are still two days to go before debts are paid. At least the characters were making amends with their families and finding some peace if they fail to find a solution. Though, the odds of all five Drew Crew members dying are pretty slim, so Nancy Drew needs to move through this filler quickly and get to the next phase of this curse.


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