‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ 01×04 Review: “Cornered” presents a formula

Bad Batch episode four on Disney+, titled “Cornered,” defines the formula most likely to run through the entirety of the show: the powerful forces chasing after Omega. The five members of Clone Force 99 push on to the planet Pantora and wind up being chased off it by the bounty hunter Fennec Shand, first seen in The Mandalorian—Pantora is a planet mentioned in previous episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and played a crucial role in the Galactic Rebellion by hosting the Rebel fleet after the Battle of Yavin. Dave Filoni, who not-so-recently became the Executive Creative Director at Lucasfilm, has steadied the ship and direction of our favourite ‘Galaxy Far Far Away,’ and episode four shows why fans of the franchise love Filoni so much.

The Bad Batch run out of rations and the closest planet is Pantora. They land in a hangar bay run by a scheming bloke, who predictably calls Fennec, voiced by Ming-Na Wen. Once again, the Bad Batch split up. Tech and Wrecker stay with the ship to alter its internal code while Hunter, Echo and Omega, go into the city to get supplies and credits. They stop by a ‘reputable business’ and try to sell… a bomb. This doesn’t work out, but the owner mistakenly takes Echo for a droid and offers to buy him. Echo is insulted, but Hunter as pragmatic as ever convinces him to go along with it. Echo’s exchanges with the owner and his characterful crew of droids are a highlight in this episode.

Omega continues her streak of getting herself into too much trouble when a weird dog-like creature nabs the doll she was observing. In the chase, she runs into Fennec. The bounty hunter attempts to befriend Omega in a ploy to lead her back to her ship, but Hunter quickly tracks her down. Omega escapes in the fight, Hunter gets knocked out by Fennec, and the show then devolves into a standard chase sequence.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of The Bad Batch is that each of the members, including Omega, have their own distinctive personalities, and “Cornered” is a solid showing of it. The member continuing to show an exceptional level of depth is Omega. Many of the fanbase and casual viewers will likely or have already run out of patience with Omega being in constant need of a rescue. However, her role in the action and movement is both subtle and clear as day. She’s brings a whole level of emotion to the show with her innocence, capacity for kindness, and her own concern for the members of the Bad Batch. She has her own level of fight and resilience that despite the galaxy becoming more and more dangerous, she never stops being curious. In “Cornered,” Omega is both a character of action, but also misfortune. She’s the true star of the show.

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