‘Nancy Drew’ Season 3 premiere review: “The Warning of the Frozen Heart” teases a new serial killer in Horseshoe Bay

Ace saving Bess from date on Nancy Drew

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A new killer is stalking the streets of Horseshoe Bay on Nancy Drew. What supernatural purpose could they be after? “The Warning of the Frozen Heart” spent much of its focus pushing the Drew Crew forward and setting up new plots in a post-Everett Hudson world. We’ve moved beyond the ghost of Lucy Sable and the crimes of Everett Hudson to start fresh with the next mystery. In this case, the episode title felt true to its name—the Nancy Drew Season 3 premiere was a warning of things to come, both from a character development standpoint and from its supernatural plots.

Nancy had the most growth now that she fully came to terms with her Hudson connection. I liked that she was looking to the future and making decisions to live her life; it’s a vast difference from the Nancy we initially met during the series premiere. Wanting things like volunteer jobs, admissions to Columbia, and those longing looks to Ace were all reasonable things that she could have in her life to make her happy. It’s a shame she didn’t get accepted to Columbia; she would’ve done amazing in her studies, but at least this gives her a reason to be in Horseshoe Bay more.

Plus, the town council position within the police department gives her an official role to investigate, so we won’t have any more hurdles keeping her from her cases. Granted, Detective Tamura had to do his job before, but it took a long while before he accepted Nancy into his circle of trust. What was surprising came from the changing sentiment from the citizens. “The Warning of the Frozen Heart” made it clear that Horseshoe Bay has a newfound trust in Nancy—they see her as their hero and someone who can solve the mysteries. It’s a vast difference from when they turned against her for helping Everett Hudson. Hopefully, the town still believes in her and doesn’t turn against her again; Nancy does so much for them, they really should trust her implicitly.

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Did anyone else smile for the new family dynamic in the Drew household? Nancy, Ryan, and Carson could be a sitcom. It warmed my heart when Ryan got so happy to help Nancy during one of her investigations; you could see the utter joy in his eyes to tag along and help her out. And, his friendship with Carson evolved into one of the most unexpected and sweet connections on the show. He seemed so genuinely happy to know that people wanted to date Carson; he would be the best wingman if given the opportunity. Bess should try to get in on the action. Maybe Ryan could help Bess work out all her dating hiccups?

Speaking of dating, Nick’s proposal to George was so romantic and sweet. It’s no wonder he took a week to give her an answer after her initial question—all of those flowers and pieces would take some time to put together. Having her family and friends around for the surprise provided a great touch, especially since George loves her sisters the most out of anything in the world. They’ve proven to be one of the best couples on Nancy Drew. Crossing my fingers they make it down the aisle—the tarot card warning didn’t seem good for anyone in the group.

Temperance Hudson’s tarot card reading was one of the best foreshadowing done on Nancy Drew. I loved that her indifference and wickedness dropped each revelation like it was a little game she was playing. Each of those predictions seemed more troubling than the last, and they will be the carrying pieces across Nancy Drew Season 3. We won’t move forward to the next phase of the season until each of the predictions comes true. Based on the cards so far, my guess for the Drew Crew member that will fall will be Ryan—his storyline with the Hudsons and Nancy seemed all wrapped up, and the other five members are a tight-knit group. Ryan seems like the obvious suspect if “fall” means death.

Hopefully it’s not Ace that dies or that he’ll betray his true love. His romance with Amanda already seems on its last breath—she’s off with her father and the pair didn’t fully do the planned trip. Plus, the longing looks between Nancy and Ace can’t be ignored! It’s clear they’re so into each other, and Nancy is letting down her guard to connect with Ace more. We can’t have “Nace” end any time soon—they could be perfect for each other.

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When it came to the main investigation, Nancy Drew stayed pretty coy. The murders most likely involve the Hudson bloodline and Nancy since both victims either investigated the Hudsons or were connected to her in some way. Maybe the preacher ghost is a spirit out to eliminate Temperance? And, since Temperance is back in town, the spirit is going through her ancestors first to get to her? The ghost could be feeding on the hearts of the victims OR it could secretly be Temperance all along; the victims’ hearts might be part of her rituals, like how she used the heart of the dead cat. It’s still too early to tell what Nancy Drew has planned, but the ghostly murders look quite intriguing.


“The Warning of the Frozen Heart” set the pieces for the next big investigation to come. We’ve got a serial killer in the mix that might have a ghostly connection. But, it was the plots involving the Drew Crew that provided the most answers for the next steps of the group. The story is moving forward, so we have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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