‘Stargirl’ 2×12 review: “Summer School: Chapter Twelve” builds the forces against Eclipso

Hakeem and Mike teaming up on DC's Stargirl

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The Justice Society of America needs to arm all their forces before their big fight. “Summer School: Chapter Twelve” served as DC’s Stargirl’s penultimate episode for the second season, and many of the elements from this episode were built around that theme. It’s clear from the plot and the dialogue that the next chapter will focus all on the JSA’s final battle against Eclipso. All the side-plots converged on each other to bring the cast together for their fight, meaning we had the reunions of Rick and Yolanda to reform the JSA. Plus, a new ally entered the mix. This chapter aimed to build up the momentum and get us excited for the climax … and it succeeded.

One of the highlights of “Summer School: Chapter Twelve” was reuniting the cast together. It’s been forever since we had the entire JSA together, let alone the cast in the same room. There’s no guarantee they’ll all stick around after their battle with Eclipso, but we’ll enjoy any time we have with them to relive Stargirl Season 1’s team-up days. For instance, Rick seems like a high possibility for sticking around. It’s great that his uncle dropped the charges and he was released from jail; we couldn’t have Rick’s story end in a depressing state like a prison. The scenes of him trying to repair the hourglass was a promising sign that he wants to become Hourman again and return to help the JSA.

Though, we need to talk about Pat’s actions in making that outcome happen. After a season of Pat’s moral stance against the original JSA, it was shocking that he performed an evil act to achieve his goal. This move further proved Stargirl Season 2’s theme of a moral grey area that even heroes can do bad things for the greater good; Pat was no exception here, even if it was to help a superhero. And Pat is one to hold onto his guilt for a long time. Could this be a way for Eclipso to affect the group? He has a bit of darkness inside him now, so it’s not out of the question.

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Jennie’s darkness will be out of her control, but the shadowland residue seemed primed to corrupt her. Light serves as one of the ways to defeat Eclipso’s darkness, so her Green Lantern abilities might prove to be strong enough to fight off its control. She needs to get that ring off ASAP! The JSA needs her to help with the fight; being stuck in a weakened state while the dark goo steals her energy could hinder the group’s success in the final battle.

During “Summer School: Chapter Twelve” Yolanda’s storyline was a fascinating arc that left us with many questions. Will she truly quit the JSA after they fight Eclipso? Could this be the turning point for her to forgive herself and return to the group? Yolanda’s guilt drove her away, but her concern for Courtney brought her back to ensure her BFF didn’t get killed by Eclipso or Cindy. I liked how quickly Yolanda was ready to jump back in the second she discovered that Cindy was helping the JSA. Plus, the way she looked at the Wildcat costume had hints of happiness and nostalgia, like she missed being the superhero.

There’s a slight chance she could return to the JSA permanently; Yolanda needs to forgive herself and confront the past issues. Hopefully, she will take some time to chat with Pat and Charles McNider. Both adults have experience with the JSA killing a villain in the line of duty, and they can help her process the feelings from her actions. What I didn’t like was the angry and spiteful Yolanda—she acted so cruel to Courtney at every turn, even though her BFF needed her help and wanted her back. Yolanda may be going through her internal guilt, but it’s not right for her to lash out at Courtney when her friend keeps reaching out to her.

Cindy offered up a promising redemption for her character. She could end up joining the JSA as a permanent ally, or she could leave Blue Valley on good terms at the end of the battle; both options would be pleasant endings to her storyline. Cindy may have started as a villain (and she’s still very much a villain), but Stargirl is giving her the room to grow and choose her next path. Her manipulating Yolanda into returning to the JSA and showing some respect to Barbara were great moments that showed a lightness inside the character. It’s a positive step in the right direction for her story that could lead her in any direction.

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Will Hakeem and the Thunderbolt save the day? Stargirl teased a lot of build-up for this side-plot about Mike bringing his friend into the fold, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. All Hakeem needs to do is have some training into properly using the Thunderbolt to help the JSA. There’s no way he could have any more chores to do. Side-note: Hakeem’s sister is so frustrating; she’s become a minor antagonist on this show! It’s time for him to use his powers wisely—the gimmicks of the large items were fun at first, but the joke has worn out its welcome.


“Summer School: Chapter Twelve” built-up the momentum for an exciting end in the upcoming season finale. DC’s Stargirl could take the battle in any direction; this fight could be one of the best battles we’ve had yet. Plus, Eclipso’s big plan is to corrupt Courtney, and all the nightmarish teases made it seem like this could be a terrifying fight. I can’t wait for what happens next!

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