‘Big Brother Canada 10’ weeks 4-7 review: Failed eviction votes trigger a tidal wave of blindsides

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The game has been flipped on its head on Big Brother Canada 10. Alliances were formed, deals were made, and trust was built, all for it to be shattered after a string of shocking moves. The last four weeks have kept the houseguests (and us viewers at home) on our toes as we’ve witnessed the cast scramble to make one bold move after another. Not every move was a sound one, and we’ll definitely break down the major highlights so far, but it’s been an interesting ride for how Big Brother Canada 10 has shaped into a mostly unpredictable season.

Week 4 could’ve been the start of Gino’s epic downfall based on his baffling Head of Household move. Why did he think offering up his closest ally (Kyle) as a sacrificial lamb was a good move? In any other season, it’s not a smart play to nominate your own ally to appease the rest of the house. Kyle would’ve blindly followed Gino, and once the biggest target gets out, the house could easily turn to the next biggest target, which would’ve been Gino. Appeasing the house only takes a player so far unless the houseguests honor the decision. In hindsight, we now know it worked out in Gino’s favor and he’s still in the game, but it’s still a bad move. No one should make a move that hinders themselves.

Kyle’s eviction started the second he became HOH the week prior. After his string of erratic decisions and moves, did anyone think he still had a chance to win? His only play would’ve been to go back in time to stop himself from destroying his game as HOH. Or, his best bet was to paint himself as the biggest target in the house who had no shot to win. This reasoning would’ve given him more time to repair the bridges and build up his resume. Unfortunately, his actions were too severe that the need for the house to get him out was greater than the easy win the others would’ve had at the end. That revelation is enough to prove how bad Kyle ruined his game.

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Week 5 had another case of an HOH misfire. All Jess had to do was keep their focus set on their main goal and they would’ve walked away with a better set-up. Instead, they took a shot that blew up in their face, and they choose the wrong replacement nominee after the Power of Veto was used. We need to give Kevin and Haleena a lot of credit here because they easily manipulated Jess into making a move that benefited them and ruined Jess’ gameplay. Like, Jess would’ve had two alliances backing them up if they had just put Haleena on the block; instead, they picked the worst outcome that had many red flags. It’s easier said than done since we know the truth of the situation, but even Jess recognized they had the two alliances protecting them if they had not nominated Tynesha.

Though, I am glad we got to experience a big blindside! A 5-4 blindside vote is a delicious treat we don’t witness often, but it’s a gift whenever the houseguests make the move to go against the HOH. It would’ve been easy for them to vote out Moose; however, Tynesha was a huge social and strategic threat on Big Brother Canada 10, so it’s great they took the opportunity to benefit themselves. Plus, they successfully kept it a secret from everyone else. We don’t get that twist often for everything to align!

Tynesha’s chances of staying in the game were very close. For a while, she had the votes to stay, and she had flipped the momentum back in her direction when she didn’t realize she had lost it. However, the problem was that she didn’t try hard enough on a consistent basis. She was fine if she got evicted, but that’s not the type of attitude you should have when you’re on the nomination block. Tynesha should’ve kept making deals with the house and reassured the people she didn’t work with that she had their back. Safety slipped through her hands and it could’ve been avoided so easily.

The same goes for Jess and their eviction during the safety chain. If they had avoided the mess above, the others would’ve been more apt to keep them around and give them safety. Instead, no one cared to save them. Jess’ eviction is a great example of how one wrong move creates a domino effect they can’t control. Had they nominated Haleena instead, Moose would’ve been evicted earlier and Jess would’ve still been around.

Speaking of the safety chain, it’s an interesting twist that should return in the future. It’s an easy concept to understand, and the houseguests giving out the power exposes their gameplay more than most decisions. Though, there should be two major shifts to the twist. The first is that the safety chain should start a week prior. Moving it up would’ve given another person in the chain, and it would force the players to make a move before their core big alliances are set in place. And the second change would be to have the chain restart phase start earlier in the process, instead of being at the final three. The person at the start of the chain impacts the flow of safety, so refreshing the starting person in the middle would open the twist up to more surprises and not make it a predictable outcome.


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Comparatively, Week 6 was only predictable in the first half of the round. Marty as HOH nominating Josh and Betty wasn’t a big surprise; he was angry at them for the failed Gino vote during the safety chain, and the 24/7 live feeds viewers had seen some questionable biases he’s made against certain houseguests. What surprised me was him placing Hermon on the block as the replacement nominee. The target had shifted so much that by the time it landed on Hermon, it could’ve gone in any direction. This move was another case of Kevin and Haleena manipulating the players and pointing out a much bigger target. It wouldn’t be surprising come finale night if Kevin and Haleena are the two players sitting in the final seats.

Hermon’s eviction wasn’t surprising in the least. He was one of the strongest houseguests still left in the game, and him sitting next to Betty wasn’t comparable. Betty is hilarious and has great diary rooms, but Hermon would win many more challenges over her. Hermon’s only chance to stay would’ve been to rally his allies together to overthrow the other side of the house. The problem was the uphill battle to pull those votes together since he lost a few friends, and the ones he did have wanted to take the shot to get him out. It’s a bad combination at a time when he needed votes.

Week 7 is a similar boat where Kevin and Haleena threw a wrench in the plans too. We almost lived in a world where HOH Gino had successfully backdoored Marty and got him out of the game. However, you can never plan who gets chosen to compete in the POV challenge and who wins the POV. Haleena winning the POV threw everything for a loop and prevented the move from being made. Like I said above, one small move creates a ripple effect throughout the house. Terrible for the houseguests who hoped for the gameplay to get out the biggest threats, but it was great for viewers to witness the drama over the betrayal.

Since Moose and Summer were kept on the block, Moose was the right decision for eviction. Moose was a bigger strategic threat, he made plans on his own, and he showed a skill for winning challenges. Summer, on the other hand, hasn’t won a challenge, and she’s made decisions that go against her better judgment. Summer is great to have around, but she’s not the biggest threat. Evicting Moose was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I’d say his only chance to stay would’ve been to expose Summer’s close friendships and deals with players. Making her look like the bigger social threat could’ve given him leverage in his campaigning, especially as the players entered the jury phase.


Weeks 4-7 of Big Brother Canada 10 were a roller coaster of epic proportions. A few predictable players were sent out the door, but the ones who left due to a bad decision kept our jaws dropped. Houseguests that were in power are now on the outside, and the players that people ignored have manipulated the rounds more than the others realized. With only a few rounds left, anyone could take the win but getting there is only half the battle.

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