Film Review: “You Again”

YOU AGAIN is a comedy that I really tried to like. It has a great cast, Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, and Betty White. This ensemble alone is great for a chick flick. Unfortunately, that is the only thing great about YOU AGAIN. This is just another comedy with the same devices, laughs, and emotions we’ve seen before.

The movie is about Marni (Bell), a successful woman who was terribly bullied in high school. She comes back to home for her brother’s upcoming wedding. What she did not expect was that her brother’s fiancée, Joanna, was the girl who made her life hell in high school. Joanna is played by Odette Yustman, who may be the worst actress I have seen in awhile. Joanna worms her way into Marni’s brother and family’s hearts much to her despair. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Marni’s mom, Gail, and another dilemma comes in to play when Joanna’s aunt (who is paying for the wedding) happens to be Gail’s ex-best friend in high school. Revenge plans and hi-jinks ensue.

Despite the predictable plot and Yustman’s terrible acting, the movie has a couple funny moments. Betty White is adorable and very witty. Joanna’s ex-boyfriend is a ridiculous mess of a man. This movie also has two too many dance scenes. Random cameos come up throughout the movie (The Rock, Kristen Chenoweth to name a couple). Kristen Bell manages to shine through the lackluster material. She is much more talented than the work she gets. I would like to see her in a role that lets her show her range a little more. As well, Curtis and Weaver make the best of what was given and act well.

The charming Kristen Bell is what made me not hate this movie. (Even when her face was covered in a bunch of fake zits.) I mostly blame Yustman and the writing for sucking out the charm. In one of the more emotional moments, Yustman just destroys the scene by not acting more sincere. And sitting next to Bell, the comparison amplifies her lack of talent.

“You Again” is not something worth spending a movie ticket on (Thank God, I did not). If you still care to see it, I would suggest waiting to rent it. Because as the title suggests, I wanted to say to all generic chick flicks, I just saw another one of you again.

YOU AGAIN will be released in theaters September 24th.



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