The 7 must-see performances at 2022’s Lollapalooza and where to watch them

As not all of us are ready to dive headfirst into a very large and excitable crowd of music lovers just yet, it’s been a nice reprieve to have festivals choose to stream their content (at least some of it) for viewers at home. While many fans would argue that little can emulate the same level of energy that a live concert can produce, being able to see the lively and inventive stages of some of musics biggest names without the travel and masses of people offers reprieve as well. With this years Lollapalooza streaming two channels on Hulu, we’ve decided to go through the available lineup and pick just some of the performances we’re most eager to see and where and when to watch them. The festival streams live July 28-July 31.

Denzel Curry – 11:00 PM – Sunday, July 31 on Channel One
Denzel Curry’s rise within hip-hop has been great to witness. Although some may see him as just now hitting his peak, Curry has been around in the rap underground back in 2014. His inclusion in the legendary Raider Klan collective, led by ringleader SpaceGhostPurpp, was enough to put his name on the map. Consistent releases like Imperial and viral bangers “Ultimate” and “RICKY” skyrocketed him from underground prodigy to leader of the next generation. In 2022, Curry released his latest opus, Melt My Eyez, See Your Future. This is the album that, despite its mellow and reflective tone, offers a panoramic view of Denzel Curry that may surprise listeners. His run with this current album has resulted in another era of growth. [Mark Wesley]

Djo – 4:30 pm ET – Sunday, July 31 on Channel One
Part of what makes Djo such an interesting musical venture is how delightfully peculiar it is. The musical project of Joe Keery – Stranger Things fan favorite Steven Harrington – has more in common with The Talking Heads than with other modern actors/musicians with similar backgrounds. With groovy and synth-heavy instrumentation and vocals that softly hover above them, the sound is relaxed but with enough of a beat to promise an engaging live show. There’s also a real visual art performance element in how he and the band members dress up for live shows which give it another element of intrigue, eschewing a more familiar dress style for someone of his popularity. His upcoming album Decide is scheduled to release on September 16 and if his single “Change” is anything to go by, it’s going to be an addicting and engaging listen.[Allyson Johnson]

J-Hope – 10:00 ET – Sunday, July 22 on Channel One
With his debut album, Jack in the Box, BTS member J-Hope has solidified himself as a multi-talented act as he reached past the sound of his group for something more singularly his. With a discography that ranges from house music to throwback 90s hip-hop and R&B, there’s something for everyone, whether you are familiar with the singer/rapper/dancer or not. However, what makes his stage so worth watching is the undeniable craft that he brings to the table as a consummate performer, and anyone who gets to see him dance will be quick to fans due to his expressive stage presence. [Allyson Johnson]

MUNA – 8:45 pm ET – Friday, July 29 on Channel One
The three piece unit have solidified themselves as Queer pop icons over the years, with their three albums expressing a full range of glittery pop aestethics, and darker glam, dance inspired beats. On the tracks of their latest release, the assured and light on its feet self-titled MUNA, the band with their retro vocals and catchy, replayable hits, make for a sound that’s distinctly their own. There are almost too many songs to choose from to hope to see them play and while we’re sure that notable singles such as “Silk Chiffon” and “Anything But Me” will make appearances, we can’t help for older standout numbers such as “I Know a Place,” or “Number One Fan.” [Allyson Johnson]

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – 4 pm ET – Saturday, July 21 on Channel One
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever has carried Australia’s legacy of jingle jangly indie rock into the 21st century with aplomb. The band is fronted by three very distinct singer-songwriter-guitarists. In all three of those fields too; They’re one of those rare bands with three guitar players where you can hear all three play very different parts on many of their songs. Their third album Endless Rooms, released in May, is their most cohesive album to date and showcases the band’s strengths through their excellent songs and instrumental interplay on tracks like “Tidal River” and “My Echo”. If you like Spoon or Death Cab for Cutie, you might want to give Rolling Blackouts C.F. a listen this weekend. [Ryan Gibbs]

Tinashe – 4:45 ET – Friday, July 20 on Channel One
Delivering one of the best albums of 2021 with 333, Tinashe comes armed with smooth and sultry pop hits and catchy hooks that make for a perfect crowd-pleasing performance. While she may not carry with her the hype of some of the bigger names on the Lollapalooza docket, she, like so many alternative pop singers before her, comes with a dynamic stage and performance style that is easily magnetic. “X,” “333,” and “Let Me Down Slowly” are three songs that we are, in particular, hopeful to see performed live. With elements of dark pop, R&B, and dance-influenced hip-hop, hers is a stage that promises an eclectic and exciting performance for a singer steadily on the rise. [Allyson Johnson]

Tomorrow X Together – 8:45 ET – Saturday, July 21 on Channel Two 
For those who have just dipped their toes into the enormity of the K-Pop pool, the five-piece boyband Tomorrow X Together (better known as TXT) might not have been on your radar, despite them being under the same label, as global superstars BTS. That said, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that the group has consistently delivered highly energetic singles for the past couple of years, with songs such as “0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)”, “Blue Hour” and “9 and Three Quarters” being some of the very best of the genre. With youthful exuberance and a distinctive stamp on their sound, they’ll make for a dynamic and engaging live performance, even from the comfort of your living room. [Allyson Johnson]



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