TV Show Review: “Glee” – Fall Season Premiere!

If you haven’t seen Glee and all of its magnificence, I suggest you go now and rent the previous seasons or at least try keeping up with the new season.

In other news…

And I know all of my Gleeks out there are happy for this too!

Alright, lets sum up the episode without spoiling too much (Imma try okaaayy):

Back to school everyone! It starts with the nerdy kid with the afro (what’s his name again?) filming all of the kids from Glee asking them questions about their summer for his blog in which apparently people bash the Glee Club. Then, we’re introduced to the new female football coach, (you heard right), and like Sue Sylvester said ” a female football coach is like a male nurse, a sin against nature” LOL.  Anyways, her name is  Coach Beiste (pronounced like Beast kinda, really fitting huh?) and apparently the school is cutting the budgets of all of the extracurricular activities yet again, and now the principal thinks that the best option is to take part of the Cheerios funding and 10% of Glee Club’s funding to help out strengthen the football team that now Bieste is coaching.
Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester are obviously upset about this, and decide to team up to bring Bieste down.

YAY! The kids are going to Nationals in New York City! Hence, they need to perform “Empire State of Mind” by the awesome Jay-Z and the lovely Alicia Keys.  During this number, we can see Finn noticing Sam the new kid, jamming to the music. Which leads us to…

He has the Bieber haircut, he has really big lips (Thank you Puck for confirming this) and he has an amazing voice and auditions with the song “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars.


This leads us to…

We meet the filipino Sunshine Corazon (Charice) when she performs “Telephone” by Lady Gaga with the one and only Rachel Berry, after they are abruptably stopped in the school’s restroom by an annoyed Sue Sylvester. (Epic moment to disrupt the song! hahaha). Sunshine said she will try out for Glee club and Rachel feels threatened by her. Therefore, she does stuff to trick Sunshine and make her not show up at the tryouts afterschool. By the way, her performance of  “Listen” was hands down AWESOME!

In other chisme gleek news:

– Tina and Mike Chang (ASIAN SENSATION COUPLE) are dating after going to Asian Camp together over the summer.
– This means Artie is devastated and wants to get Tina back. And the only way to do that is if he joins the football team and gets some…abs. Yeah, abs.
– Santana had a boob job. (this is pivotal to the Cheerios future apparently)
– Quinn is back to the Cheerios and kind of kicked out Santana (check out the fight and Brittany’s monotone “stop the violence” that made me tear of laughter)


I’m only giving you only those details mentioned above of the episode, you’ll have to watch it on your own because I’m here for a little review, not a description or summary (even though I’ve failed and now I’m teasing everyone out there who hasn’t seen it yet lol)


Glee is back again. With amazing screenplay and selection of songs. Memorable quotes by the whole cast, especially Sue Sylvester. The new castmembers of course will bring more drama ..and music! And I’m excited for this. Which is totally fine by me, a gleek by heart. I can tell now that this season will be amazing (like all of the other seasons)
And I would just like to take the time to say….

I CANNOT WAIT FOR MISS BRITNEY SPEARS TO BE ON THE NEXT EPISODE! Just the preview gave me goosebumps. Like you really had no idea how much I’ve been waiting for this episode. Am I doing a review about it? OF COURSE!


Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST/7pm CT on FOX


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