Mad Men 6×03 “The Collaborators” Recap

“Collaborators” must be a euphemism for sleeping with married women because that is what Pete and Don seems to be doing this entire episode. Don has always had a penchant for sleeping with married women without getting caught, but Pete is nowhere near as smooth.

We find Don in a very adulterous relationship with the wife of the doctor we met in the last episode. This is like every other sexy relationship Don has had before, except, wait, is he paying for it?! It’s not all that surprising when you find out that he grew up in brothel. That actually explains a lot about the way he treats women, doesn’t it? (Side Note: Take a minute to gawk at young Don’s hair.) Well what’s Pete’s excuse? Both men are fooling around with women who live in close proximity to their home. That old adage comes into play here. You know the one about eating and shitting in the same place.

Don’s sordid affair with Sylvia, the doctor’s wife, is not without its baggage. After Megan confides in Sylvia that she recently miscarried and hasn’t told Don yet, she starts having second thoughts. It’s almost second nature for Don to be able to sleep with a man’s wife and still be able to talk to the man as if nothing was going on, but you can see Sylvia is facing a moral dilemma. During a dinner that was supposed to include Don, Megan, Dr. Rosen and Sylvia, only Don and Sylvia end up having dinner. After a few sexy, forceful words from Don, all of Sylvia’s doubt (and panties) melt away. I think it should also be known that if I were wearing panties they would be as melted as the clocks in a Dali painting.

Unfortunately, Pete’s sexcapades end in less panty dropping and more domestic abuse. After successfully bedding a wife on his block, Pete is feeling on top of the world. That is until that same wife shows up on his door bloodied and beaten because the husband figured out her infidelity. We find out that his wife Trudy isn’t as oblivious as she seems. Like any successful marriage, it’s all based on compromise. Trudy let Pete have his city apartment so he wouldn’t bring the trash into their home with the understanding being that Pete be discreet. Trudy ultimatum sums it up perfectly,  “I don’t care what you want any more. This is how it’s going to work — you will be here only when I tell you to be here. I’m drawing a 50 mile radius around this house and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.”

Nothing is fiercer (or hotter) than a woman with power. Does it matter how she got there? Not really, unless it involves a cocky overweight man and red headed vixen. Remember that time Joan had to give head to get ahead? Me too. I’m still grossed out by it. Well the guy from Jaguar, Herb, that Joan had to do unsavory things with in order to become a partner returns. After a sexual advance from him and a fat joke from her, he goes to meet with Don and company wanting them to present an idea he had as their own. During the meeting with the higher Jaguar execs, Don decides to screw Herb the way Herb screwed Joan.



Speaking of screwing people to get ahead, Peggy is learning how to do that very well. One of her friends in the art department of Don’s agency told her how the Heinz ketchup department is in the market for a new agency, but Don can’t go after them because Heinz beans would leave. Peggy, after some coaxing, decides to go after ketchup. I guess there are no friends in advertising, only opportunities.


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