TV Review: Pretty Little Liars 4×01 “A is for A-l-i-v-e”


*Attention: Spoiler Alert*

The summer season of Pretty Little Liars is back! Quite the episode, to say the least! Here’s an update on what you missed in the episode:

It seems like Mona is back on the girls’ side; she’s sharing information with the girls, but doesn’t know who pulled Wilden’s car out of the river. Mona brings the girls to her lair, where they pass a chaotic spot on the street, where laid Wilden’s dead body and his muddy police car. In the lair, Mona shows the girls a video from the Halloween Train, revealing that it was Wilden and Melissa who almost killed Aria that night. Then, they all hear girls playing and cheering, “Oh Alison, come out, come out where ever you are!” The girls leave the lair and observe young look-alikes of each of the girls, along with the corresponding look-alike dolls that the youngsters claim that their friend Alison gave to them.

The girls are later informed that the DiLaurentis family has moved back into their old home, but Jason has moved down south.

Aria and Ezra come face to face for the first time since they broke up. Ezra admits that he received a job…at Rosewood High School. Spencer and Toby are officially back together, but let’s see how big of a mistake that will be. Mona has the impression that with all the time she and Hanna are spending together, they’re best friends again. However, what Mona doesn’t realize is that Hanna wants to keep her enemies closer and end this whole Ali and “A” drama…or that’s what she claims.

With Ezra back at Rosewood, Aria is being closely watched upon and was called down to the Vice Principal’s office. The Vice Principal shows Aria pictures that was given to him of she and Ezra having an affair. He proceeds to admit that Mr. Fitz is going to be arrested because he had sex with a minor, which is considered a felony.

Hanna and Mona go shopping together, just like before when they were best friends. Once they arrive at Hanna’s home, Mona questions her if Caleb found his father, but Hanna makes up an excuse that reveals no information.


After Emily kisses Paige good-night, she sees Jenna. Jenna admits that Darren was a friend of hers. She tells Emily that Toby isn’t answering any of her phone calls, but that if she speaks with him, tell him that she never meant to hurt him. (Is she implying that a falling-out happened?)

The girls all attend Wilden’s funeral, where they want to search the casket because they know something discriminating against them is in there. Although arrested, Aria sees Ezra at the funeral, but he glances at her and turns away. Mona and Spencer find the casket and hear Wilden’s phone ringing. They see a missed call from “Kisses” who they call, where Hanna answers, questioning Spencer why she is calling her mother’s phone.

Hanna has the impression that her mom is “A”s target. Mrs. DiLaurentis goes over to the girls at the funeral, and praises Hanna for keeping the weight off. They see Jenna walk into the funeral with a man we hadn’t seen before, followed by a woman in a black gown and a lace head and face-covering, making it impossible for the girls to identify who it is.

A police officer approaches the girls, telling them that they are going to be further questioned about the death of Garret and Wilden, especially since they have been continuously involved in the deaths of several citizens of Rosewood.


The girls then receive a text of a video from “A,” revealing that they have video content of the night where Hanna and her mom drove over Wilden.

It is then revealed that the woman with the lace head and face-covering is “A.”

Did I love the episode? Not really. I don’t think that it was a good premiere episode of the summer season. A lot of things are getting confusing, merely since I forget half of the things that happened from the winter season and the Halloween Special. I’m also suspicious to know why the girls are so close to Mona, even though it was established that she is psychologically insane. She was in a rehabilitation center for a reason! I also hate the fact that Toby and Spencer are back together; Toby is clearly up to no good! It’s ironic how Spencer’s probably the smartest out of all of the girls, and yet she makes the most idiotic decisions. I was so disappointed and mortified to see Ezra arrested, but Aria said it herself, it’s easier to not be with him when she doesn’t see him. I think that this episode was not that good for a premiere episode; it would be more appropriate as an episode later on in the season. There wasn’t enough room for viewers to catch-up; you had to be in the thick of things and be on top of what was going to happen next. However, this won’t make me stop watching the show. It’s a clear obsession; once you’re in, you can’t get out!

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