TV Review: Pretty Little Liars 4×03 “Cat’s Cradle”


*Attention: SPOILER ALERT*

This week on Pretty Little Liars:

Aria’s mom has a new boyfriend, who asked her to go to Austria with him. When her mom informs Aria of the new information, Aria tells her to follow her heart and passion, but her mother just thinks she’s acting naive.

Melissa unexpectedly returns home, in which Spencer informs her of Wilden’s death and the current dilemma. Melissa listens, but basically blows Spencer off nonchalantly.

Caleb helps Hanna think of a story to help her mom get away with Wilden’s death. They think that if her mom claims that she was in New York the night of his death, the police would believe her. Nevertheless, she just need proof that she was in New York that night.

Toby and Spencer meet up, and Toby becomes more of a suspicious victim as he claims that “A” is probably a girl and knows for a fact that “A” is always with them and knows a lot about them. At this point, I’m suspecting that “A” is either Mona (who continues to be a little too close for comfort) or a character that has yet to be introduced into the series.

Emily sees a doctor after her injury from swimming, as she continues to experience discomfort. Her doctor says that he still needs to examine her X-rays, but Emily quickly departs after the appointment.


Hanna visits her mom at work, but as Hanna leaves, her mom receives a mysterious phone call.

Emily’s mom unexpectedly comes to school to pick Emily up. Her mom claims that she received a phone call from her doctor, asking if she ever took a specific medication; a medication that her mom took last year. Her mom claims that she re-counted all of her left-over medication and found that there were 7 pills missing, yet Emily denies obtaining the medication.

Hanna visits the police station and comes across a board regarding the death of Widen. She sees that a picture and brief information of her, her friends and her mom are on the board, but was caught taking a picture of the board.

Caleb approaches Hanna’s father to inform him about Wilden’s death. Caleb advises him that they will most likely need a lawyer and overall moral support at the time.


Emily admits to Aria that she took her mother’s medication. Aria finds a mask that she discovers was originally Ali’s mask and was also seen on the Halloween Train. Hanna observes the mask and claims that it wasn’t the same mask, but was definitely made from the same mask mold and place.

Aria, Emily and Hanna travel to the place where the mask was made. The man that opens the door invites the girls inside; it’s very mysterious, a bit dark and was loud with music. The shop owner asks to use Emily’s face as a mold in exchange for information about Ali’s mask purchase. As he prepares to make the mold, he tells Emily that Ali wanted masks for all of her friends so they could all look like her. After the shop owner finishes the mold, the girls exit and Hanna reveals what she found in the shop.

Hanna’s father finds Caleb and claims that the two of them need to talk. Her father tells Caleb that he keeps a gun in his office desk, and when he checked it this morning, the gun was gone.

When Emily comes home, her mom informs her that she received a phone call from Family Services. The company claimed that someone from the school found that her behavior on the school grounds was aggressive and therefore needed Family Service’s assistance.


Hanna reveals that she found a mask of Melissa’s face. She and Spencer suspect that she and Ali went to the place together to accomplish the same thing.

Emily receives a text from “A” with a picture of her behind bars. Then, her mom wakes her up telling her that her father was coming home…Family Services called him too.

Definitely an eventful episode, to say the least. I think that all of the hidden drama of Toby and Melissa, that was once somewhat settled down, is gradually rising. I feel like the girls are so close to figuring out who “A” is, or even finding out information about Ali that the girls hadn’t known beforehand. The suspense is definitely motivating, and as a constant viewer, the cliff-hangers are the best part! Definitely a great episode this week, and I hope to find out more nitty-gritty information about the case of Wilden’s death and the story behind the masks!

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