Read of the Week: ‘My Faire Lady’ by Laura Wettersten

My Faire LadyRowena Duncan is a thoroughly modern girl with big plans for her summer—until she catches her boyfriend making out with another girl. Heartbroken, she applies to an out-of-town job posting and finds herself somewhere she never expected: the Renaissance Faire.

As a face-painter doubling as a serving wench, Ro is thrown headfirst into a vibrant community of artists and performers. She feels like a fish out of water until Will, a quick-witted whip cracker, takes her under his wing. Then there’s Christian, a blue-eyed stunt jouster who makes Ro weak in the knees. Soon, it’s not just her gown that’s tripping her up.

Trading in the internet and electricity for stars and campfires was supposed to make life simpler, but Ro is finding that love is the ultimate complication. Can she let the past make way for her future?

So, can we just talk about the fact that I’ve never been to a renaissance festival? Miami has annual ones, I believe, so I’ve had, what, nineteen chances to go? And still, I haven’t been once? This is pretty damn petty. And just because I’m curious now, I checked online and it looks like I missed the last renaissance festival here in Miami by a mere ten days.

Ten. Days.

Some things just aren’t fair.

Yes, I’m writing this review in April, don’t crosscheck me like I don’t know what I’m doing. Hmph.

Anyway, renaissance fairs seem pretty awesome, and My Faire Lady just makes them way cooler. This novel was so authentic, and I loved feeling like I was going through the whole experience with the characters.

Rowena was a hilarious main character. I liked how she was sassy but also sort of shy and very down to earth. Though I will admit that I hated her little on/off thing with Christian. The guy was bad news from the start and the only thing I’m seriously pissed about is the fact that she fell for most stuff, but I guess without fictional characters like him we wouldn’t have much of a novel, now would we? I don’t know, I just wish he would have been a little less demeaning. He was one of those first-class asses and it really could have just been done without. Will, on the other hand, was outright adorable and most probably one of the most precious beings on this planet. The relationship between him and Ro was slow-building but worth every minute. Nothing felt rushed and their situation was perfectly paced. For the most part, these two are the whole of the novel and without them I’d like to think we would be looking at a slowly sinking ship. Aside from the budding romance, the friendship between Ro and Suze was also something that kept me intrigued. Very powerful bramance, indeed. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve used that word, hasn’t it? I’m actually going to check, now, just to get a kick out of things. Anyway, very close cast that were all very real, in general.

Also, that cover? The toenails, the sunglasses, the dress. So simple, and also so cute. Something about it gives me a Lola and the Boy Next Door novel cover vibe. Fun fact I feel the need to add: The cover model for the book is currently one of my roommates. Pretty crazy, huh?


This book is great for fans of all things nerdy and historical. And, yes, I’m talking to The Lord of the Rings fanbase.

See ya’ll next week!

Rating: 8/10



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