Coldplay’s NEW Single with Avicii: “A Sky Full of Stars”


Coldplay fans! If you’ve replayed Mylo Xylotocountless of times and were itching for a new album from Coldplay – your requests have been heard!

Not only are we getting new music from this iconic band, but we can also expect to see changes in their sound. Of course, though they may explore different sounds, their essence is the same. You will hear this new song and it will still sound very “Coldplay.”

Chris Martin and the gang are dipping their toes in new waters and taking an EDM approach with this one. They’ve collaborated with EDM artist, Avicii for their second single “A Sky Full of Stars.” Even with the upbeat tempo kicking in you can still appreciate Martin’s clean, pristine voice soaring throughout the whole song. An unexpected collaboration? Yes. But, honestly I am loving it. The use of EDM in Coldplay’s song doesn’t sound forced or unnatural, it actually sounds like the perfect fit as they took this direction just at the right time.

Here’s to hoping that Coldplay and Avicii keep making great music together, so far I’m giving it a green light.

“A Sky Full of Stars” is the second single off Coldplay’s upcoming new album—“Ghost Stories” which will be dropping on May 19.


The band is using a creative strategy to get the lyrics out to their fans for the new album as they’ve started a worldwide scavenger hunt. They’re dropping clues through their Twitter account [@Coldplay] using the hashtag #lyricshunt. Lyrics have been hand written by Chris Martin in ghost story books in libraries across the world. The band dropped clue number six just this morning.

Join the scavenger hunt on Twitter, and you can also pre-order the album on iTunes.

Meanwhile, give the song a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.



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