TV Review: The 100 1×11, “The Calm”

This week, The 100 offered us an interesting episode with character struggles and immense character growth for others.

The 100 have bombed the grounder bridge and are expecting retaliation any moment now. It’s been two days since the bombing and tensions are high on the campgrounds.

Octavia and Murphy are in charge of the camp’s food and are attending the smokehouse. Murphy and Octavia are both being highly scrutinized for their choices. Murphy obviously was a scumbag, but Octavia’s relationship with Lincoln has obtained her the nickname, “grounder pounder.” How cute and clever.

One of the campers who is teasing them keeps bringing in more wood for the smokehouse, contrary to Octavia’s warning. The smokehouse catches on fire, and Murphy and Octavia have to run outside before they get burned alive. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but Murphy’s smirk inside the smokehouse makes me think maybe he somehow did it on purpose. I still don’t fully trust him. Not to mention that the burning of the smokehouse literally wiped out all of The 100’s food supply.

In turn, this means their only option is to go out into the forest and hunt. Bellamy and Clarke split into teams. Finn ends up joining Clarke’s team along with another young camper who’s excited to basically be with the cool kids.

Except suddenly, Clarke and Finn realize they’re the ones being hunted by the grounders as they easily fall into their trap. The grounders may not have much technology, but they are so resourceful and witty in their attack approach that I have to give them major props. Clarke and Finn are taken to grounder headquarters where Clarke is put to the ultimate test. She must save the life of a young grounder girl who was on the bridge when it exploded. If she’s not able to, Finn dies.


The young girl was on the bridge because she is Anya’s second. It’s a way that they train their young to become warriors. She was young but she had already killed five people. No big deal.

Clarke truly does everything she can. Just as she’s about to perform a blood transfusion the girl draws her last breath. Anya is clearly very affected by her second’s death, but she’s also made of steel. Her men take Finn away from a frantic Clarke. One of the grounders stays watching Clarke and tells her she could become one of their healers, since Lincoln left them high and dry. Clarke carefully executes her escape plan as she stabs her guard and suffocates him to his death. The look on her face when she’s done shows her realization that she’s not afraid to kill whatsoever and that irks her. However, she’s also very torn with her choices, so Clarke, we know you still have a heart in there.


At camp, while Finn and Clarke are trying to avoid being brutally killed—Raven and Bellamy have officially gotten it on. I don’t see any real feelings growing from this; it’s more of a way to quench the thirst for Bellamy and a way to get over Finn for Raven. It was Raven’s idea, but after it’s all over, she realizes that it hasn’t helped her at all. Well, we all could’ve told you that, girl! We thought she was on the right path, but last week as she finally stood up for herself. But this week she had a relapse into her old ways. Clearly, strong feelings die hard, and rebound sex never does truly work.  I’m just wondering what Clarke and Finn will think when they find out.

This week we also received some news from the ark. Now a dark spacecraft, luckily there have been survivors!

Kane takes the trophy this week for most character growth and heroism. Kane finds about a dozen survivors (one of them a sort of Ryan Gosling look alike) and doesn’t stop until he can lead them to safety. Not only that, but we find out that Jaha and some of his crew is also alive but trapped in the command room with very little oxygen and very little hope. Kane, ever so determined and loyal, disobeys Jaha’s orders as he makes his way through all the debris to save Jaha.



Not only that but he also goes through air ducts that are the temperature of an inferno to see if there are any survivors in the area where the ship was dropped. Guess who’s alive?! Dr. Abby Griffin! She looks like her face is slowly melting, but she’s alive!

Kane is the ultimate hero of this episode as we have seen him morph from a selfish, rule abiding, cold hearted council member to one who is honest, selfless and passionate about helping others. Gold stars for you, Kane!

Back on Earth, Clarke escapes the grounder lair but sans Finn. Word has gotten back that Clarke’s hunting group of three has gone missing, and so the search begins. Raven has created some handy dandy walkie talkies with Monty. Monty, Raven and Finn search the woods and find Miles, the camper who accompanied Finn and Clarke, who informs them they’ve been taken by the grounders.

Raven and Bellamy immediately assume that they could be dead. But now it looks like Monty is gone too as his walkie talkie signal fades out right after he heard a strange sound.

Clarke was running through the woods before she got caught by a trap and left hanging by wires upside down.

There are only two episodes left until the season finale, and anything can happen. Will we see one of our main characters get killed off? In other shows, I would usually say no. But, The 100 have proven they aren’t afraid to kill whoever in order to create a better storyline.

Here’s hoping for the best for Clarke, Monty and Finn. I’m crossing my fingers for Lincoln to come back and give The 100 a hand.

What did you think of this episode? What were your favorite scenes?

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