TV Review: Teen Wolf (4×02) “117”

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I think I’ve come to the conclusion after four season premieres that I’m just never going to enjoy the opening two episodes of the respective season. I don’t know why exactly but it’s certainly in part attributed to the fact that Jeff Davis seems to throw out all of his ideas on the opening two and then allows some of them to stick for the following episodes.

On a brighter note, I did like this episode more than last weeks but the bar isn’t high.

The group must deal with a de-aged, angst ridden Derek and try to find out Kate’s motives all the while facing a new threat by something called a “Berzerker”. They also are still teenagers as Deaton points out and still need to sleep, eat and go to high school. It may be hard to believe after how they were written last week, but these characters are still teenagers.

Thankfully the show makes sure to tune into that a bit more this week. Stiles is figuring out his relationship with Malia who prefers to be the big spoon, Malia is adapting to school after having been an animal for most of her life and all of them are having to lie in order to help Derek-something Scott in particular is against doing because, as he points out, lying in the past rarely helped them. The lies work for some time as they convince Derek, who doesn’t remember them, to let them help him but are destroyed when he and Stiles run into Scotts dad. It does however allow for a funny throwback to season one as Stiles refers to Derek as his cousin Miguel-see, continuity is possible of Teen Wolf.

Things are all straightened out by the end when Derek goes into pack mode when he hears Scott being attacked by the Berzerker and rushes to save him and in the process, returns to the Derek we know. How high is the believability that Derek could successfully save Scott? Not high but I’ll push aside my disbelief for now. The big revelation however is that Derek’s eyes are now gold instead of blue and if you’ve forgotten, blue eyes represent a person who’s killed.

I really could care less about the eye color lore this show seems to love but it looks like there is no escaping it.

There are other moments worth mentioning such as Kate wanting to harness her powers and how she kisses a teenager to do…ew. There’s also Lydia returning to old habits as her banshee powers lead her to another dead body. And then, is a surprisingly underplayed moment that I’m hoping will be brought up again soon, Stiles notices a bill from his stay at Eichen House last season on his dads desk that he hasn’t heard about.


It wasn’t a great episode but there were more laughs which is a necessity to this show and it entertained me more than last week. My hope is that it can only get better from here-who else is looking forward to next week?



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