The 100 2×2 – “Inclement Weather”


*sidenote: the new opening credits are pretty cool.

This week’s episode of The 100 was mostly a solid one. I have so many opinions about characters and events that occurred, so let’s get to it!
Things are getting tense at Camp Jaha.

Can someone explain to me why Kane feels that he is more equipped to handle everything right now? The 100 have been the ones that have faced every obstacle Earth and the grounders have thrown their way, surviving all of them. Bellamy may have not always been the wisest leader, but he was courageous enough to step up. So why does Kane have Bellamy locked up with Murphy? What makes Kane think that the rules that worked on the Ark will work on Earth?

The power struggle between the survivors of the Ark and the 100 is an interesting one. Even though Kane is irritating me! Thankfully, he gets a reality check when he sees that three men have been crucified in the forest and he now has an idea of what he’s up against.

Raven once again proves how strong she is. The girl went into surgery without any anesthesia.


She had a bullet removed from her spine! Raven has begun to grow on me because I love the way that she is practical about even the most painful things. She survived the surgery but unfortunately one of her legs is still suffering from nerve damage, making her unable to walk without crutches. Once the surgery passed she encouraged Finn to go and look for their friends.

It was a selfless act that showed that the foundation of their friendship still remains even though their romantic one has deteriorated. I enjoyed that the show decided not to spin her as a needy girl, even in a situation where she totally could’ve pulled that card!


Abby defies Kane and helps Finn, Bellamy, Murphy (because he knows the grounders’ camp) and other members of The 100 leave Camp Jaha to search for the rest of The 100. They’re convinced that it’s the grounders that’ve captured them, which is frustrating to watch because we know that they’re just getting themselves into trouble for no reason.

Out in the forest we meet a new character—Nyko, the only healer the grounders have left. He’s friends with Lincoln and agrees to cure Octavia from the poison in her wound. But, Lincoln has been taken in by his own people and punished for his betrayal to them. All the poor guy did was fall in love with a girl from space! Give him a break!


Lincoln and Octavia’s relationship is currently providing the only romance on the show—I am a fan of these two! I’m also a huge fan of the strength that Octavia has gained throughout her time on the ground. She’s no longer the girl skinny dipping for attention. Octavia is now tough and bold—bold enough to tackle Nyko and use him as bait to trade him for Lincoln. The scene where she fearlessly walks into Lincoln’s town surrounded by grounders pointing arrows at her was too good!

She’s able to secure the exchange. Just as Lincoln is running into her arms, they’re attacked by reapers! Lincoln is captured along with other grounders. The grounders’ commander does not look too happy with Octavia. Oopsies!

Up in space, Jaha is still alive—barely. He hears a baby crying and finds it. For a second I truly thought someone had left a baby behind, don’t judge me! It turns out it was a figment of his imagination due to the undealt grief from his son’s death and the extreme oxygen depletion.

However, the imaginary baby served as motivation for Jaha to find a way down to Earth. He lands on what seems to be a desert like area, obviously far away from the Ark and The 100. This means that the show will be introducing another geographic landscape full of stories and people of its own. I trust that Jason Rothenberg can accomplish this seamlessly; he’s been doing so well already! I will also let the show get away with how they got Jaha to the ground. There truly was no better way than with ghost apparitions and hallucinations. But if Jaha is on the ground then extremely great plot points must come from him, if not it would’ve been better to kill him off as a sacrifice for the Ark.

Meanwhile, the 48 of the 100 that are at Mount Weather aren’t concerned for their friends on the outside. They’ve done a great job at keeping them happy by providing warm beds, food and a “safe” place.


But Clarke isn’t so easily persuaded, and she knows to trust her gut feeling even when everyone is indirectly trying to make her out to be the “crazy” one. Clarke asks to see the bodies of two of the surface patrol guards when their wounds don’t match with those of a grounder attack. President Wallace and his team present Clarke manufactured evidence that seems to prove the wounds came from a grounder’s arrow. However, they slip and don’t comprehend to what extent Clarke will go to follow a hunch.

She cuts herself in order to land in the patients’ ward where she follows an air duct into a secret room. In the room there are cages full of people crying for help and others are hung and being drained of their blood. One of the people in the cage is Anya, the grounders’ leader, remember her?!

Now their dialysis valves make sense and we understand how they’ve been able to survive all these years. Draining people of their blood… I’m judging the people of Mount Weather right now. But on The 100 there are always two sides to every story. What could possibly justify their actions?

We’ll have to wait and find out!

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