TV Review: The 100 2×5 – “Human Trials”

Guys, I am speechless. I will try to find the perfect words to describe how great and amazing this week’s episode of The 100 was. I mean I am just in awe right now. Of course, The 100 has been known to push limits, but this week I was pretty close to calling the paramedics. This episode made my anxiety levels go through the roof!

Needless to say, Jason Rothenberg and The 100 writers killed it this week! Bravo!

My heart is still trying to get itself together, but let’s start!

So as we know, Clarke made it to the Ark campgrounds after the guards shot at her. It was great to see Abby’s relief when she found out that it wasn’t a prisoner, but Clarke. However, the greatest reunion of this episode was when Clarke ran into Bellamy’s arms. She was ecstatic, and the moment was perfectly played out. I’m supposing that the Bellarke shippers all across the world almost teared up and shrieked just like I did, because I can’t be the only one!

It was such a significant moment that even Octavia noted, “There’s something I thought I’d never see.” Haha! Octavia is great! Bellamy isn’t very into caring for others or being affectionate. But as Clarke embraced him he was stunned, giving into his emotions and hugging her fiercely. The boy clearly was missing her terribly, too! So perfect!


Anyway, Clarke is in medical for about two seconds and she’s ready to go save her friends at Mount Weather as well as find Finn and Murphy. Abby is not about it, though. She doesn’t realize that Clarke isn’t a little girl any more the moment she stepped on the ground. Thankfully, Raven was there to point that out. She also supplied Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia with guns and shut off the electric fence so they could leave camp. The group took a break from its mission, and I must point out the way that Bellamy would look at Clarke as she slept—it was not creepy but totally cute, I promise!

Octavia is kind of third wheeling, but it’s okay because the poor girl is trying to find Lincoln. I’m glad she still believes he’s alive. Alive he is—barely!

Lincoln has been captured by the mountain men and is being severely tortured. President Wallace’s son is the head of security of Mount Weather and he’s basically in charge of capturing grounders and picking the strongest to morph them into super soldiers. It’s terrible, scary and Lincoln killed a guy for some injection that makes him look as possessed as Emily Rose. This is going to get even uglier next week! I’m planning on making “FREE LINCOLN” T-shirts just in case anyone wants to join me.


A lot of manipulating occurred this week in Mount Weather. President Wallace did offer Jasper the chance to go after Clarke. But of course that’s a test. Either way, this episode proved why I have always like Monty better than Jasper. Monty is just so loyal—the best friend we all wish we could have! Jasper is way too infatuated with Mya, which leaves him with a weakness for Dr. Sing to use. There’s a containment breach just in the dorm where Monty and Jasper are, and the radiation begins to burn Mya’s face off—not her cutest moment! She’s not responding to the medical treatment, and so Dr. Sings proposes to do a blood transfusion using Jasper’s blood, a procedure she “supposedly” has never done before. Mya recuperates extremely well, but Jasper isn’t looking too great afterwards. If you think this was all a coincidence, you are blind! The great result from Jasper’s human trial means they could do the same to the other 47! If The 100 is planning on showing why the Mountain Men are this evil, then they’ll have to do it quickly because I can’t come up with an answer that justifies their atrocities.

Out in the forest, Kane is negotiating with the grounder prisoner. He finally leads Kane and his guardsmen to the grounders’ village. Kane decides to do the good thing by surrendering his weapons as a peace offering, but the grounder isn’t on the same page and knocks Kane out cold! When Kane wakes up, who do you suppose is confined with him too? Thelonious! Kane just about dies when he sees him. They’ll have a lot to chat about.

So now… we have to discuss Finn. Brace yourselves.


Bellamy warns Clarke about just how much the war has changed Finn.

Finn and Murphy arrive at the village that the other grounder had told them about.

He decides to burn the village’s food supply shed to cause a distraction.

Yes, our dear Finn just caused a whole village to starve. But, that’s not all.

He grabs one of the grounders as a hostage and orders all of the nomad grounders to show them where his people are.

Nyko is in charge of the village and steps out to confirm that Finn’s people aren’t there, but he’s not taking that for an answer. Finn searches the whole camp as Murphy watches over all the prisoners. The problem is that Finn is really tripping out and his paranoia levels are through the roof!

How crazy was it that Murphy was being the rational one!? I was actually thankful for Murphy’s presence. He stops Finn from killing a female grounder who appeared to be Nyko’s wife. But Finn is such a loose canon… literally!

He finally agrees to leave in peace, but just then one of the older grounders leaps out from the confinement space they were in and Finn just goes Tony Montana with his gun. It was terrible, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through those scenes.

Of course, as the grounders see that one of their own has been shot, the rest jump in. Nyko’s young son even jumps out and Finn shoots at him mercilessly. It was nauseating. Finn just killed a young boy without a flinch! Who is this maniac and what has he done with our peaceful Finn!?

As the mayhem occurs, Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia hear the shooting and run to the village. They’re too late as there’s been far too many fatalities. As Finn sees Clarke, he stops and the creepiest look comes on his face. I don’t think that Clarke imagined how bad Finn had gotten… she’s just terrified at who the person in front of her has become.

The demise of Finn’s good character was heartbreaking. All those lives lost for nothing. Not to mention that Finn’s reckless action will now cause severe consequences! This war will only become worse.

I’m still recovering and trying to put all this creative genius together.

The 100 kicked some serious butt this week!

So leave me your thoughts, theories and favorite moments from this week’s episode!

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