TV Review: The 100 2×10 “Survival of the Fittest”


The end of this episode left me truly heartbroken.

But, let’s start at the beginning.

The alliance between the grounders and the sky people is off to a very shaky start.

There have been so many casualties on both sides that trust is hard to find.

Lexa sends Indra and the warriors to go and train alongside the sky people at Camp Jaha. Indra is thrilled! Just kidding, have you ever seen Indra even smile? She’s not happy but she’s there out of pure obedience.

Kane, ever the optimist, is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up and create unity- but that’s easier said than done. Not to mention that Jaha’s negativity is seriously a downer.

Geez, I cannot stand this man. His sanity needs to be seriously questioned. However, it’s not just his mental health that makes him a hazard. His negativity is seriously depressing. Where did his faith go? This man is on an emotional roller coaster and I think that Kane will seriously regret getting him out of confinement.


Jaha has a master plan and doesn’t sit well with being anything less than Chancellor– he’s power hungry. He’s also great with words. Considering Murphy has also been emotionally exiled from his people, he reaches out to him. Somehow he used the little pull he has left to get Murphy to take him to see his son’s grave. Somehow he turns Murphy’s resentment against Jaha into trust. Jaha has gathered some of the people from the ark to migrate to the City of Light. And now, Murphy is another member to Jaha’s independent tribe. I don’t know if I like this pairing too much but I am intrigued to see how it will go and to learn more about this too good to be true, City of Light.

Back on grounder territory, Lexa and Clarke are trying to come up with a solid plan to defeat the mountain men. But at the end of the day, it’s true what Lexa’s guards say, Clarke doesn’t have a plan, she has a hope that Bellamy will make it into Mt. Weather and be their man on the inside.


Even though the alliance is brand new and a bit shaky, you can see that Lexa and Clarke are truly forming a close bond. They can connect on many levels and even though I don’t completely agree with her cold hearted, no-love rules of leadership; I truly enjoy Lexa as a character. Their alliance is becoming a friendship as they prove that they must have each other’s back no matter what. While in the wild, Lexa and Clarke run into a giant terrifying deadly gorilla.

It really was scarier than it sounds! Lexa falls down and gets injured. Clarke had the choice to continue without her but she risked her life to save Lexa. They have totally different types of leadership but somehow it makes a great combination. We also got to learn a little about the grounders’ spiritual beliefs. They believe in reincarnation and this is how their leaders are chosen.

A character who is also teaching us a lot about the grounders is Octavia. Thanks to her relationship with Lincoln, she’s becoming the bridge to mutual understanding between the grounders and sky people. Kane notices that Octavia is a vital source to bring unity. She’s the one who reveals why the grounders are so afraid of guns. But it seems that Octavia has truly identified with the grounders’ way of life. Have you seen her awesome braids she’s been rockin’?!


But more than that, Octavia can connect with the warrior spirit that the grounders have. They are persistent, strong and never give up. While the grounders are training with each other she insists on being given a chance to fight. Indra finally concedes and Octavia’s butt is thoroughly kicked, almost to the point of unconsciousness. Indra has consistently shown disdain but it was evident that Octavia’s strength impressed her. So much so that she offers Octavia to be her second; she’s basically Indra’s apprentice. But I can’t help but wonder if Indra has pure intentions or is she trying to use Octavia for a card she has up her sleeve for later?

Octavia’s metamorphosis from season 1 has been one of the most interesting to watch. She’s matured into this unselfish, strong and resilient woman. Lincoln was the only one who saw this in her all along.

As Lincoln and Bellamy make their way to Mount Weather, we find out why Lincoln decided to save Octavia when he didn’t even know her. It turns out that Lincoln didn’t have an easy childhood. His father made him kill a man who crash landed from the ark. It tainted him and the world has always been trying to make him a monster—alluring to what occurred to him when he was changed into a reaper. It’s clear the things he did as a reaper are haunting him and I wish Clarke had thought about how traumatic it would be for Lincoln to go back into those reaper tunnels, or if he would even be strong enough.

Things get tough once Bellamy and Lincoln get deeper into the tunnels and encounter the Mountain Men for the selection process. The original plan was for Lincoln to pretend he had caught Bellamy as a prisoner. Right before they selected Bellamy he was supposed to attack and they would kill everyone to make their way into the Mount Weather building. But, just as they select Bellamy to be harvest, which means he would be used for experimentation Lincoln doesn’t come through. As he sees the rest of the reapers being injected with the reaper drug he succumbs and goes for the dose, unable to be there for his friend. It was heartbreaking, truly. We got to see that Lincoln was battling a strong addiction. It wasn’t about getting him clean physically, but the guy needed some time for rehab!

But things just got real for Bellamy. Did he make it into Mount Weather? Yes. Is he going to be able to do much to save everyone? Not so sure, due to the fact that he’s hanging upside down being drained for his blood.

Crossing my fingers so hard for these two to be okay! Hopefully Clarke can come up with a better plan. I’m trying not to be upset with her for her irrational, selfish plan she made at a moment where she was pushing love out of her heart. Maybe this will teach her a lesson to not put the people she loves in danger.

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Is Jaha annoying or is he annoying?

Are you excited to see Indra and Octavia working together?

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