TV Review: The 100 (2×11) “Coup de Grace”


Every Bellamy fan was gasping for air when this episode began. We start off with Bellamy being prepared for the harvest and it was gruesome to watch! He’s put in a cage next to some grounder chick that spits in his face for being part of the Sky people. Bellamy’s response was too great: “I’m assuming you haven’t been told that our people are no longer enemies.” How can we not love you Bellamy?! Even in the face of adversity your one-liners are epic.

Unfortunately, Bellamy’s spunk gets him hung upside down as they drain his blood. However, Maya steps in and saves the day by shooting him with some medicine that wakes him up. The guard, Lovejoy, barges in and Maya lies quickly on her feet to stall for a minute, at least. But, Bellamy has to kill the guard to escape; the grounder chick lends a hand from her cage. She seems in awe of Bellamy now, just as we all were as we saw him fight ferociously… in his underwear… LOL

Maya, however, is paralyzed as she watches one of her people get choked to death right before her eyes. She’s definitely in a tight spot. She’s betraying her people knowing that there will be innocents that are casualties. But yet, she decides to help the Sky people because she knows what’s being done to them is completely wrong. I didn’t like or trust Maya at first (like most of us) but her strong moral compass is something that I’ve come to admire.

Bellamy dresses up in the guard’s uniform and with Maya’s help tries to get to the 47 and to the radio control room. But on the way there they run into a pre-school class. And it so happens that Lovejoy’s son speaks to him—what a terrible irony. You can tell Bellamy’s heart crumbles as he sees the boy’s nametag. Our hearts ached too as this cute boy was right before his father’s killer, unknowingly.

Mount Weather has many innocents from the 382 people that live there, not everyone there is evil. Should they suffer because of their administration’s decisions? As always, The 100 shows the other side to a story that we thought we understood fully. Things are much more complex than they seem.

Meanwhile, Jasper cannot deal with not knowing the whereabouts of his best friend and decides “to do something stupid.” The idea had actually worked out extremely well. Jasper bursts into Wallace’s office and even puts a sword to the old man’s throat, as he demanded answers and solutions. Wallace responded in a dignified way by admitting to everything he knew. Jasper caught him off guard with the fact that some of the 47 were missing and so they storm into Dr. Tsing’s office. They arrived just in time to stop her from drilling into Harper’s hipbone for the thousandth time. Tsing is locked up and Wallace tells Jasper that him and his friends are free to go. But when are things ever that easy?


As Wallace goes to confront his son Cage, he seizes his father into custody and usurps the title of President of Mount Weather. What a coupe indeed! Wallace may not have done everything right, but he definitely had a conscience, something I’m not sure Cage even possesses. I feel bad seeing Wallace so broken and disappointed in the legacy his son will create as he sits in a confinement room.

This also means that the 47 get locked back into their chambers, just as Maya and Bellamy were arriving too. Jasper is able to see them through the window and he’s going to have to trust that they can come through.

Thankfully, they’re able to reach the radio control without a hitch. Bellamy communicates with Clarke and the sound of relief as they heard each other’s voice was a highlight of the choices. Also, Bellamy’s smirks when he speaks to Clarke are to die for. Clarke’s faith and strength was restored and now its up to her to make a plan for Bellamy to follow. However, he warns her that the plan can’t be one that eliminates everyone; there are children and other good people here that shouldn’t be harmed if possible. Clarke takes note of this and I’m hoping that she can remember.


On the ground, Lexa and Clarke were targets in an attack by mountain men. Lexa wasn’t present and a grounder was accidentally killed instead of Clarke. One of the mountain men soldiers dies and the other is taken as a prisoner back to Camp Jaha. We got to see Octavia in action as Indra’s second-hand girl is kicking butt—literally! I’m loving warrior Octavia and can’t wait to see more.

But things aren’t going smoothly at Camp Jaha. Clarke and Abby are starting to knock heads much more than ever before. Abby still doesn’t comprehend the fact that she has zero experience on the ground. She may be a mother but that doesn’t count down here. The way she’s acting makes me think this isn’t a mother being worried about her child thing but more of a pride thing. Abby doesn’t want to give up her power and the truth of the matter is that she STILL doesn’t believe that Clarke is capable. Even Kane has noticed that Clarke is their best bet for survival and even calls out Abby out on it.


Abby is endangering her people and the grounders by not letting Clarke lead. The grounders listen to Clarke. Clarke knows this too and so along Indra they decide to stage their own coupe.

They take hold of the prisoner that Abby insisted on not torturing for information and decide they will use him as a messenger back to Mount Weather.

I must applaud Kane for truly wanting the best for his people. He’s become open-minded to the new era they’ve entered on the ground and with the new generation of leaders. So, props to him because he’s the only one who’s forward thinking right now.

Abby was given no choice as the grounders stood prepared to attack her if she didn’t relent. That mother-daughter face off was intense! And Abby is almost becoming as annoying as Jaha. Is it something about being Chancellor that makes these adults get a bit twisted?

As Abby steps out of the way, Clarke is making all the moves. She sends a warning message with the guard back to Mount Weather. But before sending him off she lowers his oxygen tank down to six hours instead of the usual they have in order to get back. Poor guy is under major pressure. Clarke has become a bit ruthless in some ways. In this moment, she’s laser focused on her people and I’m hoping she can keep in mind what Bellamy told her about thinking about the innocents when creating her plan.

Everything is on Bellamy’s shoulder back at Mount Weather. He’s eternally faithful to Clarke as a leader and the way they work together is remarkable. They probably won’t be getting together anytime soon but when they do I’m going to enjoy seeing how they complement each other. Ugh, Bellark for life.

Here’s to hoping that Clarke comes up with a stellar plan and that Bellamy can bust the 47 and the grounders open.

Cage is feeling confident right now but he’s completely unaware of the huge army he has within his own four walls.

Chaos is about to ensue.

I missed Lexa and Lincoln this week. I NEED TO KNOW IF LINCOLN IS A FULL ON REAPER AGAIN OR NOT!

Jaha and Murphy, I can’t say I missed them too much. Oh well.

What do you think might happen next week?

With all these new leaders in place we can expect the unexpected.

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