TV Review: The 100 2×12 “Rubicon”

cage ground

Guys, The 100 has NO CHILL.

No chill, whatsoever.

And this is why we love this show.

The leaders of the 12 clans are meeting in TonDC to strategize against Mt. Weather. But Clarke is able to communicate with Bellamy through the radio and still hasn’t come up wih a solid plan to present before all the leaders.

So, she decides to send Kane in her representation for the meantime, completely dismissing Abby as the Chancellor that she still is.

The power struggle that these two women face is one of the most important aspects of the show right now. In a sense, I understand Abby’s concern for Clarke being in charge. Not only is she her mother, but Abby also has more experience in dealing with the consequences taken as a leader. However, Clarke has vast experience on the grounder over Abby. The grounders respect her and the alliance needs to be held together by that respect. If these two came to an agreement on how to lead together that would be a bomb move.

And speaking of bombs, Cage is planning on dropping one.


Well, he’s planning on launching a missile to be exact.

Bellamy sneaks through the AC units of Mount Weather and stumbles upon overhearing a very essential conversation.

Cage knows about the meeting at TonDC and with his ground team has planned to launch it as they’re all gathered there.

Thankfully, Clarke stayed behind and is able to hear the whole conversation over Bellamy’s walkie-talkie.


She races over to TonDC to warn Lexa-who does not react as Clarke had expected. Lexa tells Clarke they must slip away into the forest quickly but not tell anyone else about the missile.

Sounds super cruel to all the innocents gathered at TonDC, right? But the girl has a point. If they alert everyone then Mount Weather will know that they have a man on the inside. Not only will Bellamy’s life be at risk but all the 47 (or however many are left) will die even more quickly. They won’t have another chance to bring Mount Weather down if they blow their inside job plan.

What is Clarke to do? Clearly, she thought about this too since she didn’t alert anyone the moment she walked in but only told Lexa in private. She had no choice but to agree with Lexa.


However, seeing Abby arrive at TonDC changed things quite a bit.

In other news, Jaha and his followers are totally lost in the dead zone. Jaha’s direction to the City of Light weren’t very precise and they run in to a mysterious girl who has supposedly been abandoned. She promises to help them get to the City of Light if they help her carry her cart. Her and Murphy seem to really hit it off. They’re flirting and bonding over both being outcasts.

However, she back stabs them all as she and her partner steal all of their weapons. She tells Murphy that the City of Light is due north…right before she knocks him out. So Jaha gives his foolish followers a choice: to head back or go forward blindly into the unknown. Jaha supports Murphy on the journey to the City of Light. I REPEAT—EVERYONE DECIDES TO FOLLOW MURPHY. Let’s see how this ends. The only interesting part of this story line is the idea of meeting new characters in the City of Light.

Back at Mount Weather, Dr. Tsing keeps grabbing the 47 one by one until all of their bone marrow is drilled out of their bodies. She has no mercy and no one is slowing down her roll.

She is such a psychopath.

And I wanted to just sucker punch her when she said, “You’re all so very special to us.” She is so creepy.

The 47 are doing their best to fight back but are unsuccessful in their attempt.

Bellamy visits Dante Wallace’s cell and turns to him for help.

Dante knows that he is to blame for a lot of what’s occurred at Mount Weather. He was totally aware of the reapers program and he was also putting the grounders into cages for their blood. With Tsing and Cage’s new plan was it that his conscious began to kick in. So, he tells Bellamy what to do to cause a radiation breach.

It’s a pretty big deal for Dante to make that move because he just put a lot of his own people at risk. In a sense I admire him for doing that. Thanks to Dante’s help, Bellamy cause a radiation leak that saved Jasper right on time. Just as he was being taken to be drilled for his bone marrow the leak began to affect the guards and Dr. Tsing. Right then, the 47 sprung into action and took over the guards’ weapons. It was an epic yet twisted scene when Tsing was completely burned to death by radiation while Jasper, Monty, Harper and Miller just watched.


I can’t say that I feel sorry. Nope, not a single bit.

Cage was fully aware that his father was the one who caused the radiation breach. He knows his father still has influence and though he’s upset at his father he does something I definitely did not expect. He injects Dante with bone marrow. In 48 hours, Dante will not be affected by radiation and will be able to enjoy the ground.

That was a nice apology gift after usurping his presidency.

It definitely makes me wonder if Dante’s stance on Cage’s ethics will change once he gets a taste of the ground.

The radiation breach was also unable to stop Cage’s missile to TonDC.


Which was another event that I was not expecting to actually happen. But The 100 once again proves to its viewers that it does not shy away from the tough plot lines. I was expecting every second that Bellamy would walk in and shut down the missile or something of the sort. But instead the show embraced this moment to really show us what our characters are made of.

The missile severely destroyed TonDC and it was a tragic sight to see.

We can breath knowing that most of our fave characters are alive.

Octavia was sent to the forest on patrol duty, which saved her from the explosion. She also ran into Lincoln. Who is not in full reaper mode but also isn’t completely himself. Ricky Whittle is fully portraying the struggle of addiction and the self-condemnation that it brings. His performance has been getting better as his storyline progresses.

Octavia gives him a grounder pep talk. Cause she’s definitely considering herself a grounder now and reminds Lincoln of who he is too. The love these two share—no words. I need them to share more screen time together!

Anyways, I think that Kane and Indra are safe too. They noticed that Lexa and Clarke were missing and mentioned they were going to the woods to search for them. Hopefully they’re doing well because I’ve gotten to love Kane and have grown a bit fond of Indra too. I’m wondering if they will catch on to the fact that Lexa and Clarke mysteriously slipped out right before the explosion. Because I think that’s going to cause a huge problem, much bigger than if the leaders of the 12 clans find out.

Then there’s Clarke and Abby who survived the explosion but I’m not sure if their relationship will. Abby immediately connects the dots and realizes that Clarke knew about the missile and didn’t warn anyone about it! She’s disappointed, heartbroken and just in awe of the person that her daughter has become.


Clarke begs Abby to keep this secret because of the dire consequences it will have if it gets out. She agrees but warns Clarke of all the blood that she won’t be able to wash from her hands. Abby knows what it is to live with the weight of the consequences from her decisions. She has experience with it after having made the choice of sacrificing her husband for the Ark’s greater good.

Clarke had to make a tough choice. She had to choose between saving TonDC or keeping Bellamy safe to carry out the plan at Mount Weather. It was a loss either way.

This decision is going to change Clarke forever and Abby isn’t sure if she will be able to handle it.

As Clarke stares at TonDC in flames, it’s clear she’s not sure if she’ll be able to either.

This is a war. There will be gains and losses.

What do you think Clarke will do in retaliation next?

Things are about to get even crazier.


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