Film Review: 21 JUMP STREET and Q&A with Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube & Rob Riggle

When it comes to remakes, we usually tend to already hate it without giving the movie a chance, i.e: Straw Dogs, Footloose, Fright Night, etc., the list just keeps on going. But when it comes to a movie that is completely aware their existence is merely because they want to introduce 21 JUMP STREET to a younger generation, and actually make the movie not funny, but hilarious, we have found a gem, and by far one of the  best releases of 2012.

21 JUMP STREET follows the story of Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) two guys that after having their first bust as police officers, they are transferred to a reopened division of an 80’s undercover operation, located at 21 Jump Street, in which they will have to go to high school as undercover students to find the supplier of a new synthetic drug in town.

First of all, let me just say, that the trailer does not do the movie justice. This movie was hilarious, the whole audience was laughing so much at times you wouldn’t even be able to listen what they were saying on screen. Furthermore, the movie starts off with a background of Jenko and Schmidt, during in their highschool days. Jenko, being the popular jock who barely made it through high school and Schmidt the smart kid trying to fit in. Fast forward to today, both of them are trying out to be cops at their local police department, realizing that they need each other to pass the tests (Jenko for physical stuff  and Schmidt for academics), both guys become friends. As usual, once someone becomes a cop they’re expecting a lot of action, little do they know that being a bicycle cop isn’t as exciting. After their first bust in which they forget to tell the person their Miranda rights, Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) appoints them to a reopened division of an 80’s program, located at 21 Jump Street, under the lead of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). Captain Dickson gives both Jenko and Schmidt their new identities and their only task is to get in the circle of the dealers and find the supplier of this new synthetic drug that teenagers are using. Of course, things get out of control and get ready to laugh out loud with these two and their adventures back again in high school.

Can I just say: who knew Channing Tatum could be funny? The whole dynamic and banter between him and Jonah Hill was exceptional, you could really tell that they aren’t just friends on-screen but also off-screen. The most clever part of the movie, is how self-aware it is, like they KNOW it’s a remake and still manages to make everybody laugh. From the high school comparisons from when they were in high school and now, things like hipsters and environmental awareness are introduced to those who haven’t been in high school recently, to the effects of the synthetic drug that are laugh out loud funny, 21 JUMP STREET is by far one of the best comedies of the year. The whole ensemble cast was great, Rob Riggle, Dave Franco, etc do their parts well and as some of you may know there’s a very pleasant surprise cameo in the movie that will have everyone going crazy.

I don’t think me and Gaby can encourage you enough to go see 21 JUMP STREET, we loved it and had an amazing time and without giving much away we hope you do to.

21 JUMP STREET is in theaters March 16th.  


Q&A with stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube & Rob Riggle

Hey, Gaby here! I was once again lucky to go to a Q&A with the stars of 21 Jump Street in Chicago. It was a fun Q&A, lots of joking around and laughs. Here are some pictures (Courtesy of Amanda Trevino) from the event:

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You can see more pictures from the Q&A on our Facebook page.

Also here are some select clips and moments from the Q&A! Enjoy!


Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to check out 21 Jump Street March 16th!



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