From EW: ‘Younger’ 1×03 “IRL” Recap

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I contribute weekly recaps of TV Land’s Younger for Entertainment Weekly’s The Community blog. Read an excerpt from my recap of this week’s new episode of Younger below!

This week’s episode of Younger is about confidence, not attributing your self-worth to age, possessions, or anything else that doesn’t truly define who you are.

Liza and Josh’s relationship is heating up, and it’s making Liza very nervous. She hasn’t had sex in two years and is afraid her body will disappoint Josh and give away her age. She asks her best friend, Maggie, for her opinion, and Maggie exclaims that she looks great. Liza doesn’t believe her, but Maggie shuts that kind of bad talk down and says that Liza just needs to relax. Maggie offers Liza Xanax, under the advisement that she just takes half a pill.

At work, Liza helps her boss, Diana, land a date through a dating website. Diana’s new, made-to-order designer bag arrived, and Liza suggests they take a new profile pic with Diana sporting the bag. “Guys respond to the whole picture, even if they don’t realize it,” says Liza. Much to Diana’s surprise, she gets a hit from a guy who seems too good to be true. Diana excitedly (yet sternly) asks Liza to respond to the guy with cute Shakespearean rhyming talk until they set a date to meet IRL that night.

Determined, Kelsey attends a reading for the Swedish author she wants to sign with the company. What she doesn’t expect is for the reading to be in Swedish, but she sits through it, only to eventually get her chance to speak with the author, Anton—who is very good-looking, by the way. Anton is interested in Kelsey’s thoughts on his novel and agrees to a formal meeting. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped his notice that she’s young and attractive. There is definitely something else simmering under the surface with those two. While we know that Kelsey’s boyfriend, Thad, isn’t a winner, a married man isn’t all that much better either.

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