From EW: ‘Younger’ 1×04 “The Exes” Recap

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I contribute weekly recaps of TV Land’s Younger for Entertainment Weekly’s The Community blog. Read an excerpt from my recap of this week’s new episode of Younger below!

“I am now officially acting like a 26-year-old monster,” proclaims Liza. After an opening montage full of Josh, sex, and bed-breaking, Liza is on cloud nine when she strolls back into Maggie’s apartment on tonight’s episode of Younger. Insisting on keeping things casual with Josh still comes with complications, but it’s easy for Liza to forget all that when such good sex is involved.

At work, Kelsey announces that they have signed the English translation of Anton’s hit Swedish novel. Kelsey totally owns that meeting, and Liza is very impressed, as am I. A celebration is in order, so the girls head out for drinks later that night with Lauren. After a discussion on who is hotter (Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Andrew Keegan? I thought these girls were in their twenties. The real question should be Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC. But I digress …), Thad shows up as Lauren heads out for another party. Thad insists on tequila shots, but Kelsey had already asked Liza to make sure she doesn’t drink too much. Unfortunately, Thad keeps the shots coming, and Kelsey, for some reason, can’t help taking them. It’s hard to believe that someone as smart as Kelsey sees anything in someone as awful as Thad. His only likable quality so far is that he secretly binge-watches Gilmore Girls.

Before we know it, Kelsey has passed that point where “it’s not cute” anymore, and Liza tries to take her home. Kelsey is a very aggressive drunk and wants to commemorate her new deal by getting a tattoo—from Josh, no less. They head to Brooklyn, and of course, Kelsey can’t help but send a totally inappropriate “U R HOTTTT” text to Anton, the author she just signed for the biggest deal of her career so far. The shenanigans don’t end there, as Kelsey tries to wake up Josh by throwing rocks at his window. Eventually she breaks one of his windows, waking him and his unexpected lady guest, much to Liza’s shock and dismay. Liza flees the scene with drunk Kelsey in tow, before Josh can explain himself.

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