TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 8×24, “The Commitment Determination”

The first frame of last night’s season finale shows Amy and Sheldon kissing in the couch. This is no dream, no joke, no bazinga. They’re smooching on Sheldon’s spot, and he looks very comfortable, too comfortable. Their relationship has obviously been heating up, but unfortunately, we didn’t get the pleasure of viewing Sheldon’s progression of finally accepting some sort of intimacy with Amy. Something obviously went down in that Fort they built a couple of weeks ago. Even more surprising than this kiss, is the last frame of the episode. Sheldon is seen holding a ring, ready to propose to Amy! A ring! A proposal! My heart! Before we get into this shocking revelation, lets rewind, and start from the beginning.

The scene is Amy and Sheldon smooching on the couch on what could only be their date night. It turns out, however, that this is more than just their usual date night. It is their fifth anniversary. Amy lovingly asks, “Can you believe it’s been five years since our first date?” Sheldon affectionately replies, “Do you think I should start watching The Flash TV show?” The mood is instantly killed, and Amy is left wondering why he’s thinking of a show when he’s here with her, getting intimate on their special night. He argues that he was thinking of her…he was thinking he was going to ask for her opinion on his conundrum. After all, deciding to watch a new TV show that could run for years is not a decision to make lightly…he’s wrestling with a big commitment issue here. With good reason, Amy walks out and shuns him for the duration of the episode.

Later, Sheldon seeks advice from his engaged friends on the matter. He doesn’t know what went wrong. One minute they’re necking like a bunch of hooligans behind the school bleachers, and the next minute Amy is upset at him, giving him the silent treatment. Penny points out the obvious problem with Sheldon. He wasn’t paying attention to his girlfriend. Moreover, she thinks that Amy is finally fed up with the relationship not moving forward. “It’s called foreplay,” Sheldon quips back. He then mentions that the same could be said of her and Leonard. They’ve been engaged for over a year now, and there’s yet to be a wedding date. He’s officially gotten into their heads.

They instantly defend themselves. They’re not in a rush to get married because they’re busy with work and most importantly, things are good right now. They haven’t talked about any wedding details prior to this conversation, but right then and there, they quickly decide on a small, black-tie church wedding with no butterflies. (Sheldon hates airborne worms). Sheldon points out that despite all the details, they still haven’t picked a date. They’re fed up with him, making Sheldon apologize for asking so many questions and causing trouble. Still, even when he’s making trouble, he’s doing something good because the couple finally decide on a date. That date! That night! In Vegas!

The sweet, spontaneity of their decision quickly comes to a halt when Penny reassures Leonard they are doing the right thing. “No regrets, no surprises!” is her motto for the night, but not so much for Leonard. He has one regret that he needs to get off his chest in order to start a clean slate—a couple of years back when he was on that research trip on the North Sea, there was a lot of drinking and a lot of making out with this one girl. He never told Penny, but he wants a clean start before . She believes she could get past it, and still wants to get married, but make no mistake, this is not the happiest day of their lives.

Back at the apartment, Amy finally stops giving Sheldon the cold shoulder, and talks to him via video chat. There’s good news and bad news here. Bad news is that Shamy is temporarily over. She needs to reconsider their relationship, and needs some time alone to do that. Good news is that Sheldon was planning on proposing to her! No doubt this will make her rethink her decision. This is the ultimate step for Sheldon. The fact that he chose not to tell her at that very moment, and just let her be also says a lot of his maturity over that past few seasons. He’s putting her wants before his, and showing us just how much he truly  loves her.


On the other side of town, Raj, Bernadette and Howard were dealing with their own potential breakups. Raj is considering breaking it off with Emily. Her twisted side has finally got to him. First, she wanted a severed toy head as her new bedside lamp. Now, she’s asking Raj to have sex in a graveyard, since you know, the new Avengers movie was sold out. What else could they possibly do?

Bernadette and Howard are also finally going to break it off with their roommate, Stuart. He’s been living at the house for a year now, and is eating all of Bernadette’s special women yogurt. Enough is enough. Tonight, they will once and for all, kick him out. Honestly, they should’ve done it months ago, but first, he was reopening the comic book store, then it was the holidays, and finally, he got sick of jaundice. Although, it could be argued that Stuart just looks like that, all sickly and yellow.

In the end, neither can break it off. Raj is more scared of Emily than he is of ghosts, and just as Bernadette is going to drop the hammer, Stuart’s father calls him to wish him a happy birthday, so he’s not only staying, he’s also getting cake.


All in all, this season finale was solid. It wasn’t the best, but every time Sheldon’s story is put on the spotlight, it’s not just him that shines, the whole episode becomes illuminated and memorable. And this just became one of the most important episodes to date because Sheldon Cooper, the man who rejects social customs at all costs, just decided to be a part of the oldest, most cherished tradition of all: marriage.

Best Bazingas!

“Buddy, other than Jenny Craig, you’ve never broken up with a girl in your life.”—Howard



“When he gets home, I’m dropping the hammer.”—Howard

“Ooh, I like when you take charge.”—Bernadette

“Oh, I’m not taking charge—you’re the hammer.”—Howard


“Well, look at that—even when I’m causing problems, I make the world a better place.”—Sheldon


“Look, I care about you a lot, butwe are very different people.”—Raj

“Are you breaking up with me?”—Emily

“No, no. I’m just pointing out that you’re dark on the inside and I’m dark on the outside.”—Raj




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