Most Anticipated Albums of the Summer


2015 has graced us with some awesome music so far and the year is only half way over. From Drake’s surprise mix tape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late to Father John Misty’s rise to fame with I Love You, Honeybear to Modest Mouse’s first full-length album since 2007, Strangers to Ourselves, music fans of all genres had something to celebrate so far this year.

As the school year comes to a close and sunscreen and bikinis make their way into stores, it’s time for the summer albums to start dropping.

From rap to rock to folk, every music fan has an album to get excited for this summer.

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A$SAP ROCKY[/tps_title]


June 2

A$AP Rocky’s last album produced summer anthems like “F**kin Problems” and “Wild for the Night”. The three singles Rocky has released so far this year (which may or may not appear on the album), foreshadow a record full of songs that people will want to jam to this summer.

At.Long.Last.ASAP, dropping June 2nd , is the second solo album for Rocky and was executive produced by Danger Mouse. A$AP Rocky collaborated with two of my favorite women in music on this album, Lykke Li and FKA Twigs  which makes me even more excited.

In an interview with GQ, Rocky revealed that this album will show a new side of him, “The deeper side, the more musical side, the more intellectual side.” He revealed in the same interview that people can expect “psychedelic ’60s London and introspection” sound. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m excited to see that side of A$AP Rocky.




[tps_title] FLORENCE + THE MACHINE[/tps_title]


How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful 
June 1

Florence Welch is my dream spirit animal, meaning I wish I was as cool and fierce and powerful and awesome and talented as she is. I’ve been waiting for a new album since Ceremonials came out in 2011. Considering all three singles she’s released so far are brilliant, I think this album is going to be well worth the wait.

“What Kind of Man” and “St Jude” both have haunting beginnings with deep, chill-worthy vocals. Each single takes you on a journey from beginning to end as it transforms into something new as the song develops. “What Kind of Man” has a powerful message and there isn’t a more powerful or perfect voice to carry that message than Welsh’s.

Welsh told NME that this upcoming album has a much different theme than Ceremonials. “The new album became about trying to learn how to live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it”

I cannot wait to listen to the rest of this album so I can stop just listening to the singles on repeat. I’m also curious if the ocean is a recurring theme in the album because of the title. We will have to stay tuned.


[tps_title] OF MONSTERS AND MEN[/tps_title]

Beneath the Skin
June 8

Of Monsters and Men became a mainstream success and an indie-community approved band with their debut album, My Head is An Animal. While the band was similar to other chamber pop groups like San Fermin and Arcade Fire, they had a folk sound like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. What set them apart was their ability to combine the two with interesting lyrics, unique instruments for pop music and cool vocal harmonies and duets.

This why I’m excited for album number two. It’s their chance to show growth and maximize on what they are clearly good at.

Their new album coming out on June 8th, has produced three singles, “Crystals”, “I of the Storm” and “Empire”, “I of the Storm” being my clear favorite. The unique Of Monsters and Men sound is definitely back but with a larger production. The singles have more of a trailer to an action movie vibe than five friends in an abandon church with awesome acoustics like the first album.

I’m excited to see what they came up with for their sophomore release, but I’m a little worried. While the group described it as the “polar opposite” of their first album lyrically, based on the singles, I’m not sure that sound is going to be different and mature enough to consider it noteworthy. We shall see!


[tps_title]TAME IMPALA[/tps_title]

July 17th

I’m not a man and “’Cause I’m a Man” is my theme song of the summer. Is it premature to say Currents is going to be the best album of 2015? Probably, considering there is still six more months of the year and I’ve only heard four songs off the album, but I’m sort of tempted to say it anyway.

Tame Impala has always had a mystified, 60’s psychedelic rock sound that is unlike anything else that exists, but this album might be even more original than ever before. Based on the singles, the synth-electronic 60’s and 70’s vibe is alive and more present than ever, and I’m about it.

The lyrics are smart as they describe the pains of breaking someone’s heart.

“said I know that I’ll be happier, and I know you will too, eventually.”

And “‘Cause I’m a Man” is basically a girlfriend/wife’s dream response to a man doing anything wrong. Every lyric in the song is laced with truth, humor and cleverness, as I’m sure the rest of the album will be.


[tps_title] FRANK OCEAN[/tps_title]

TBD (possibly Boys Don’t Cry)

It seems as if the world stopped when Channel Orange dropped. The world didn’t know what to do. Frank Ocean had delivered a critically acclaimed and mainstream record at the same time that defied any possible stereotypical genre you could try to give it . It blew people away. It blew me away for sure.

I’ve never grown tired of listening to Channel Orange. Three years later, I can listen to the whole thing, still completely enthralled. But ever since Frank Ocean emerged, I’ve been wishing and waiting for a new album.

Ocean announced on his website that his third album will be coming out in July and it’s rumored to be titled “Boys Don’t Cry”.

While we don’t have many more details on the upcoming album, I can pretty confidently say I’m gonna love it.

[tps_title]Hopefully a KANYE WEST album[/tps_title]


Kanye West has released three singles, an album cover and an album name, Swish, but no official release date.

West told the Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club that his album release would most likely come as a surprise. (The new theme ever since Beyoncé surprised dropped her visual album.)

While we can’t be sure if this new album will be released this summer or later in the year, I’m hoping it comes out ASAP.

West described his new album as “cookout music” explaining, “My last album was a protest to music, I was like ‘I’m gonna take my ball and go home’…This album is embracing the music, joy. Being of service to the people. I just hope people like it and enjoy it.”

And I just can’t wait to hear what happy Kanye cookout music sounds like.


What albums are you more excited for this summer?

Let us know in the comments and happy listening!


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