Jon’s Movie Review: “Results” Flexes Its Dramatic Muscles


With Netflix binging and sandwiches made using meat in place of bread, I like to think that people who constantly exercise are on the decline. Being one of those Netflix sandwich eaters, I’d like to think that, but it’s obviously not true. There are always and will always be those gym bunnies whose love of fitness is only matched by their aggressive nature. Results shows us that you need more balance in your life than just a balanced workout. Sometimes you need a lonely millionaire to show what is truly missing in your life.

Recently divorced Danny (Kevin Corrigan) has let himself go. He is living proof that money doesn’t buy happiness because even after becoming a millionaire, he is still suffering from crippling depression. He can buy anything, which includes the services/friendship of a lawyer he met in a bar one time, Paul (Giovanni Ribisi). He is extremely out of shape and thinks that getting fit will help him move on from his divorce. That’s where he meets gym owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) and his best trainer Kat (Cobie Smulders).

They have always had a complicated (sexual) relationship, and both are extremely motivated, and Danny would like some of that in his life. Danny gets a little more than he bargained for when his issues and aspirations collide with those of Trevor and Kat. This all ultimately culminates in asking the most fundamental question in life: Do we want what we really need?

Having that much of an obsession with fitness takes a lot of commitment, but Results is about the character’s commitment issues in their personal lives, that sometimes bleeds into their personal training one. Writer/Director Andrew Bujalski shows us that he understands their complex relationships and raises us one better by introducing a comedic element to what could easily turn into such a dull topic. He does this by introducing the dry humored Corrigan to add another layer of humor to the already latently humorous story of two personal trainers. This is a great addition to the already dynamic chemistry Smulders and Pearce have together.

There is a charming relationship beyond the buff and brawn of the film, and it goes deep enough for you to find a funny bone that enjoys getting tickled more often than not. The best part of this character-driven film is that Corrigan’s character comes off as a caustic element, at first appearing to carry the blame for everyone’s problems, but Bujalski turns it around on us showing that those issues lay just underneath the surface, past all the muscles and strong exteriors, and turns Corrigan’s character into un unlikely, unorthodox hero. The story is not unlike your typical rom-com, except for the fact that is has a charming oddity and humor to it that makes it stand out from all the rest.

Results not only flexes its dramatic muscles, but also shows us the strength of its most powerful muscle: its whimsical, beating heart. The undeniable chemistry between Smulders and Pearce is only elevated by the curious magnetism that Corrigan provides.

RATING: ★★★★★★★ (7/10 stars)



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