Read of the Week: ‘It’s About Love’ by Steven Camden


It’s About Love by Steven Camden

I just want to start this review by saying this novel is awesome and basically advertises Star Wars on the front cover. This is what initially drew me to the book. What more is there to love? You’d think not much, but you’d be wrong. What It’s About Love delivers is a highly original contemporary piece of fiction that centers love and all the different ways we can give and receive it. While the romantic side of things is what’s mostly being spotlighted here, that isn’t what stood out – it was the brotherly connection. Some bonds just can’t stand the test of time, and it was so beautiful seeing two boys learn to live and grow together once more after years spent apart.

The only issue I had with this work was the fact that it’s written by an author in another country, so some of the dialogue was a bit difficult to decipher. I understood the majority of what was going on, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t done in a different language, but the slang would throw me off now and then. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue here, if anything, you can call it a fun and diversifying experience.

I especially was fond of the realism that went on between Luke and his older brother, Marco. It showcased the struggles that I can imagine people in their situation would go through. The idea of having a sibling in prison is heart-wrenching, but it’s a reality for many people, and Camden did a phenomenal job of making you feel that pain for the family. The story took me on an emotional roller coaster that was tangible and extremely consuming. .

Anyone looking for something that deviates from the norm will love what It’s About Love has to offer.

Rating: 8/10



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