TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 9×01, “The Matrimonial Momentum”


We last left off The Big Bang Theory with Howard and Bernadette failing to kick Stuart out of the house, Raj deciding whether or not to stay with Emily despite the fact that she makes Creed from The Office seem normal, Penny and Leonard driving to Vegas to elope, and Amy finally being fed up with Sheldon, and breaking up with him. The most memorable part of the finale, however, was when Sheldon pulled out a ring, and revealing his wish to take his relationship with Amy to the next level: marriage.

The season premiere starts just where we left off. Leonard and Penny are about to elope in some cheap chapel in Vegas. They’re deciding on which package to choose when Leonard receives a call from home, from Sheldon. The pivotal decision on whether they’ll have rose petals thrown on the floor or have a recording of the wedding will have to wait. Sheldon calls to stop Leonard from going through with the wedding because women are the worst. According to him, they’re even worse than paper cuts. After some eavesdropping, Penny calls Amy to find out how she’s doing. She’s not doing so well, and is even more hurt when Penny can’t go over because she’s in Vegas getting married without her. How is she supposed to catch the bouquet now?

Sheldon decides to check in on Amy. She said she needed space, and it’s been 11 hours, the same amount of time as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and that was an eternity for Amy, so she should be ready to talk. Unfortunately, she’s not, and she’s headed to Howard and Bernadette’s place to watch a live-stream of the wedding (it looks like our bride and groom finally decided on the video package.) Sheldon is shocked and hurt that he wasn’t invited, and dramatically realizes that their breakup is going to cause their friend group to choose sides.

With no regard to invitations, Sheldon shows up at the house and weirdly stands outside the window watching everyone inside. Sheldon clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of giving someone space. There’s a lot of back and forth which leads to Sheldon demanding an answer from Amy. Is she in or is she out? His next comment is just the right amount of offensive for Amy to definitively break it off with Sheldon. The moment he mentions her biological clock, she runs. So as of now, “Shamy” is no longer a thing.

Back in Vegas, the lack of rose petals thrown down the aisle won’t stop Penny and Leonard from getting married. After all, they’re live streaming the video. The time comes for them to exchange vows. Leonard prepared a beautiful speech about atoms that make up their bodies coming together only so that they would meet each other and make each other whole. Penny, on the other hand, didn’t prepare her vows, but recited lyrics from Toy Story’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me,” which happens to be Leonard’s favorite movie. It was a touching moment, but a fleeting one at that. As soon as they get back to their room to celebrate, Penny can’t stop thinking about the girl Leonard kissed on his trip to the North Sea. She wants to know if he feels guilty, and he assures her that he feels guilty every time he sees her. Wait, what?


Turns out the girl Leonard kissed is a colleague of his. Her name is Mandy Chow, and Sheldon assures Penny that she should have nothing to worry about. Mandy is brilliant and attractive. She could do a lot better than Leonard. Obviously this displeases Penny, so we’ll see how she handles the situation in future episodes, but for now all we know is that Penny and Leonard are starting off marriage life separately, Amy and Sheldon are no longer worried about the relationship agreement, Bernadette and Howard have it good compared to the other married couple in the group, Raj is still a great cook, and Stuart is still Stuart.

Best Bazingas!

“Women are the worst. I thought it was paper cuts, but I was wrong. No piece of paper ever cut me this deep”—Sheldon



“We make everyone feel awkward. That’s our thing!”—Sheldon


“We were together for so long. I honestly don’t know what I’m feeling”—Amy

“Well, that’s understandable. You forgot. Its called “happy.”’—Howard





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