Book Review: “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins


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The final book from The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
How long I waited for this book again? Right, 1 year.
Was it worth it? YES.
If you haven’t read The Hunger Games Trilogy DO SO NOW!

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“Mockingjay is like a rollercoaster, it had its ups and its downs. There were moments where I wanted to punch the book, and others where I wanted to cherish every single word. I laughed and I cried with it. The uncertainty of what was going to happen next was always there. And like any other rollercoaster ride, you come down so hyped up that you only remember what an amazing ride it was. Suzanne Collins definetily knows how to tell a story and keep a reader glued to the book. It was an amazing end to an unforgettable series.”


If you’re reading this and you’re not even done reading the book, or not EVEN started with it, SHAME ON YOU.
You’ll regret it dude. Seriously!
Anyways..MOVING ON!

I have to admit I’m still shocked by the ending. I know there are a lot of people out there who did not like it, and I respect their opinion. Me on the other hand, I loved it. Why?Because in a way Suzanne Collins tried to keep it realistic. Some people complained that Finnick and Prim shouldn’t have died, and I TOTALLY AGREE that they shouldn’t have but then I say to myself, its a war, people are meant to die. I did cry with their deaths, especially with Prim’s because I couldn’t fathom the idea of Prim not being alive anymore, I was completely speechless. Finnick became one of my favorite characters of the book, hands down. When he told his story, I had tears in my eyes. If the circumstances would’ve been different I wanted to know what happened to Annie and Finnick’s child, and Annie herself, I wonder if being in her status that she was would let her raise the kid. The whole book was really fast-paced, and I personally like that in a book. Sometimes I have to admit it went to fast and I had to go back and reread a page or something.

Peeta. When I first read he was alive I was flailing in circles. When he got rescued I was happy of course, but what made me even happier was that Gale went for him. I wanted to read more about Peeta’s relationship with Katniss developing towards the end, I have to admit. But what Suzanne gave us was okay with me.

Katniss. I loved her in this book. Because she had the courage and she was FIERCE and was willing to do anything to keep Peeta alive. This showed how much she loved him. And I know sometimes she felt like she didn’t deserve him, and maybe she didn’t but what they had together, what they had been through in both Hunger Games was too much for Gale to comprehend why they needed each other to stay alive.


Gale. We don’t know yet if he fired the parachutes that killed Prim. Who knows. But what we know is that Katniss won’t forgive him easily or maybe ever. But I loved him throughout the books. I still wonder if they ever talked after that you know? Because he might have not been through the Games and he might have thought that some cassualties with his traps would justify their means and all, I don’t think that Katniss should’ve thrown away a friendship of so many years, you know? Anyways, I felt like he chose for Katniss in this whole Gale-Peeta deal. Because a part of him knew that even if she chose him, she would still be taking care of Peeta.

Alright I can’t write about the whole thing because it would be TOO LONG. BUT I’m doing some shot-outs about characters that I remember (if I forget about anyone COMMENT! and let me know):
Cinna. I love you. That’s it. You’re awesome. You’re the reason why the girl on fire is on FIRE.
Boggs. Your last words had me ranting around my house.
Plutarch. You did your job I guess?
Effie. Glad you were alive.
Katniss Mom. What is her name?
Johana Mason. You grew on me.
Haymitch. Do you brush your teeth with bottles of J?

In conclusion, this book was totally awesome. A complete rollercoaster. I’m glad that Katniss chose The Boy With The Bread at the end. And that after years of trying they finally had children. I’m glad everyone went back to District 12. <3
My favorite quote will always be “You love me. Real or not real?” “Real”, followed right byFinnick’s quote “Do you find this … distracting?”


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