The Green Hornet

The new year starts with a superhero film. Yet, “The Green Hornet” doesn’t seem like a superhero film at all. I’m not saying this because it’s a comedy; it just didn’t give that kind of superhero-y tone or feel.

We have Seth Rogen playing Britt Reed, a party boy/ heir to a big media company. Rogen says he based his character off Paris Hilton. I’m not sure if he was joking or not, but Britt definitely begins the movie acting like Miss Hilton. When his father (Tom Wilkinson) unexpectedly dies, Britt has to take over the family business. Obviously, he has a hard time coming to terms that his party lifestyle needs to end. It is then that he meets Kato (Jay Chou), his father’s mechanic. The two of them bond, and after a drunken night escapade in which they try and succeed in decapitating Reed’s father’s statue, they decide that they want to be both villains and superheroes.

So wait… how is this possible? Well, according to Reed’s logic, he wants the media to portray them as bad guys, but in reality, they are really doing good deeds. Kato hesitantly agrees to be his sidekick in this insane plan.

The true villain of the film is Chudnofsky who is played by Christoph Waltz. Chudnofsky is ruthless, ridiculous, and a bit insecure. Throughout the film, he complains and tries to work on being “scary enough.” Waltz is a great actor, and he mixes humor and menace well. One of the funniest scenes involving Chudnofsky is the one with James Franco. (Oops, sorry if I ruined the surprise cameo.)

Back to Britt and Kato. While the two make a funny pairing, some parts tended to fall a little flat. They both try to win the affection of Lenore Case, played by Cameron Diaz. Those scenes were a bit boring and maybe unnecessary? Also, Diaz seemed odd and uncomfortable in this role. They should have cast someone who looked less tired as Lenore.

Fans of director Michel Gondry will be intrigued. It’s odd that he chose to do a film like this. You see some of his style come through in the film. One scene Gondry fans will like is when Britt finally connects all the dots together and understands what the evil plot was all along. It’s funny and very Gondry-esque.

So should you see “The Green Hornet?” This movie is in between theater-worthy and rent-worthy. I found it funny and laughed throughout it. Being a fan of Gondry, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. This movie had a lot of potential, and it just didn’t use all of it. And especially no thanks to Seth Rogen who co-wrote the screenplay. What I definitely can say is that it’s not worth the 3D price. I saw it in 2D and I think 3D won’t have any more to offer. If you’re not in the mood for a sort-of superhero-y comedy, then just wait to rent it.


The Green Hornet is now playing in theaters.


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