TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 9×09, “The Platonic Permutation”


The gang celebrated Thanksgiving this week, but everyone is doing their own thing. Now that Sheldon is no longer with Amy, he offers his extra ticket for the annual Thanksgiving lunch buffet at the aquarium to his friends, but no one wants to join in on the fun. Penny and Leonard have plans to cook dinner, while everyone else is volunteering at the soup kitchen (much to Howard’s dismay.) So Sheldon offers both tickets to Amy as long as she tells her guest that the Myanmar catfish is also known as the pilgrim fish. She’s going to need something juicy just in case the turkey is dry. It’s clear that Sheldon wants to go, so she offers him the second ticket.

At the soup kitchen, Bernadette, Howard, Raj, and Emily get stuck doing the dishes. Oh, and Emily is back. She comes around every so often when there’s a group activity. Otherwise, it’s almost as if Raj is still living the single life. Anyways, Howard is even more bummed out when he finds out they’ve only been there 20 minutes, and they’re staying for six hours. So he’s not going to hear some poor British boy ask for more soup like it’s the production of Oliver! and he’s still not even half way done through the evening. To improve the situation, Raj suggests they look at the act of washing dishes as a form of meditation. When Howard is finally relaxing, the manager comes in and calls for three helpers out front. Unfortunately, Howard is too late and he’s left cleaning the dishes.

Back at the apartment, Penny are getting ready to cook their first Thanksgiving dinner as husband and wife. Everything is merry until Leonard asks Penny to pull up a recipe on his iPad. She needs to unlock the security code, which is his birthday. After trying and failing twice, Leonard gives it a go, and he realizes that his wife doesn’t know his birthday. This leads to an argument about who knows each other better. The answer: Leonard. He knows her favorite spice girl, her favorite member of N’SYNC, and even the fact that she hated the orange lingerie he gave her because it made her look like a slutty carrot. But wait. He’s not supposed to know that. That fact is only written in her diary, so this revelation makes things awkward.

The soup kitchen really isn’t doing it for Howard until Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, enters the back room to wash dishes alongside Howard. He was in the turkey line, but he got too generous with the gravy, so got demoted to the dishes. Him and Howard hit off, exchange contact information, and even share of slice of pumpkin pie. Howard came out winning on this Turkey Day.

While Howard is making besties with Elon Musk, Leonard is trying to make amends with Penny for reading her diary. First, he offers she read one of his latest entries on his online journal, but the only news there is his anticipation for the new Star Wars film. He realizes the only thing he can do is put on that orange lingerie with a sign that reads “I read my wife’s journal. I’m a naughty carrot” and post the photo on Facebook for the world to see. Penny objects. She doesn’t even want to see him in the slutty carrot outfit, but starts to loosen up when Leonard don’s the carrot getup and starts dancing on her. Right when he’s about to get even naughtier, Raj, Bernadette and Howard return from the soup kitchen. No need for that Facebook post now.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Sheldon and Amy are headed to the aquarium for Thanksgiving lunch. Sheldon knew things could get awkward, so he printed out a list of topics for safe conversation. After discussing pets, vacations, and the weather, Amy suggests Sheldon just ask her whatever comes to his mind.  Bad idea. He delves into Amy’s love life, and we find out some of the things she’s been up to. She’s been on 6 dates with 3 different men. One she met at a bookstore, two she met online. She’s met with them for either coffee or dinner. And most importantly, she hasn’t slept with any of them. After that, things at the aquarium are very familiar, and they’re back to acting like the “Shamy” we know and love. When Sheldon is back home, he gets a call from Amy. Turns out, she really misses what she had with Sheldon and tells him that she’s ready to be his girlfriend again. Unfortunately, getting over Amy wasn’t easy for Sheldon, and he tells her that they’re better off as friends for now.


Last week, it was revealed that before this season ended Sheldon and Amy would do as he says “the dance with no pants.” So we know “Shamy” isn’t done for sure. We’ll just have to wait and see how Amy will manage to win sheldon over again.

Best Bazingas!

“If you can’t support me while I’m lying, why are we married?”—Howard


“If there were a list of things that made me more comfortable, lists would be on the top of that list.”—Sheldon



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