TV Review: <i>Reign</i> 3×06 “Fight or Flight”

It has been three weeks since Francis’ death, and we’re still not over it! Both Mary and Catherine are still grieving, but it’s time to get back to court politics.

A good portion of the episode is about Charles fitting into his role, even though he will have a regent, and that politicizing is still going on. Anyone who is anyone is looking to be elected regent, but of course Queen Catherine still has her hat in the ring. Lord Somethingorother, probably only appearing in this episode, is also working to win Charles’ favor. Thankfully, while the new King is happy to get presents, he also sees right through the plot and goes right to Mary looking for help to get his mother instated. And of course Mary throws her support to Catherine, as now that Francis is dead these two have no choice left but to join up and form the dream team. The two of them have no problem getting what they want, and pay off each other so well.

Meanwhile, on their honeymoon, Narcisse is looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Because of course he is. But Lola is having none of it. I’m not surprised he was expecting her to be a little more adventurous considering her attitude while they were “courting” but what did surprise (and epically disappoint me) is that he had no problem getting back to his old shenanigans (sex) with Catherine. I want to like this guy, I really do. But seriously? And then he had the nerve to turn Lola down later when she tried to give him what he wanted. I am disappointed!

What didn’t disappoint was the side plot with Claude and Leith, who continued their doomed flirtation. And I absolutely loved the scene with the two of them dancing up a storm to an instrumental rendition of Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King.

Elizabeth is back this week, and I doubt anyone is pleased about it. The good news is, she may be losing Dudley, which might free her up to turn into more of a formidable enemy for Mary. I’d even be on board for her finding a less icky romantic subplot (if we have to keep her around anyway), but I’m not sure how well that would tie in with the vague historical timeline the show has going. We’re not going to get into the ridiculous plot (and doctor sexing by Dudley’s wife) that separated Elizabeth and her one true love, hopefully forever. What is slightly more important is that Elizabeth is sending some henchman who had previously been imprisoned in the Tower of London, over to France to try and win Mary’s trust. This seems like a horrible plan that has no chance of success, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I just want to believe that it will take Mary at least a season to get over Francis.

Finally, Charles finds Mary sitting alone and offers his help, telling her she doesn’t have to go back to Scotland. She can try to win herself a new husband from France. Maybe a weird plan, but at least Mary gets to stay in France (with this particular cast of characters) for a while longer. I really have no idea what the writers have in mind for the rest of the season, but I can’t wait to find out.



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