The Bride Quartet Novels by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is a practically a brand name in the book publishing world. We’ve seen her books fill up bookshelves, on bestseller lists, and turn into Lifetime movies. She’s known for writing popular “chick lit,” and obviously women love it. I was hesitant about picking up one of her books. I’m a romantic, but I assumed the books were filled with cliché notions of love. That kind of stuff is usually a little too corny for me to ingest. However, after watching a marathon of “My Fair Wedding” episodes, much convincing from a friend and her generously buying me the first two books of Roberts’ “The Bride Quartet,” I gave in.

Three weeks later, I’m glad I gave in. Is Nora Roberts writing grand, classic literature? No, not really. But she writes in a very entertaining fashion. “The Bride Quartet” novels are about four women who run a wedding planning business. Each book covers one of the girls falling in love and all the complications and drama that ensue. The first book, “Vision in White,” follows Mac, a photographer who’s high-spirited but comes from a shaky family past. “Bed of Roses” is the next book in the series, and we learn more about the romantic Emma, the florist. The third book is “Savor the Moment”, and we get to read how the charmingly sarcastic Laurel, the cake designer, falls in love. Finally, the last book “Happy Ever After,” gives us a glimpse into the mind of the perfectionist Parker, the planner, and we’ll see who can sweep her off her feet.

Although each book has almost the same structure, each is just as entertaining as the other. It’s easy to fall in sync with the characters, and you end up wishing to have a friendship just like theirs. I found it ironic that I wish more to have their kind of friendship than the romantic relationships they fall into. That’s what Roberts gets right with these novels. It is fun watching these women fall in love, but it’s also fun watching them interact and count on each other. Not only that, but each woman is strong, independent and has different personalities. In a real world, is this possible? I’d like to think so.

You definitely will learn a lot about the wedding business. Girls, you’ll have new details to add while daydreaming about your wedding. From one former Nora Roberts skeptic to you, I definitely recommend these books if you’re looking for a light, fun and satisfying read.

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