Five Teen Wolf Characters We Need to Return


Who else is getting sick of the newbies? If you’ve been following my coverage of the show up until now, you’d know that my relationship with the Next Gen offspring is a tedious one, met with a lot eye rolls and sarcasm. I can’t even tell you all of the newbies/chimera’s names and I’ve reviewed the show for three seasons now. 

It’s gotten to the point where I have to actively pay attention during scenes where characters such as Scott, Lydia and Stiles aren’t there, because what’s the point when the writing isn’t able to engage the viewer with the characters?


I mean, this one feels like a bit of a no brainer. Something shifted when Allison was killed at the end of season three. While she hadn’t been exactly on the receiving end of great storylines for a while at that point, Crystal Reed was always one of the few reliably strong actors on the show, and Allison (despite some hiccups) was a strong character, and an unquestioned hero in season three who was easy to root for. No new characters, or characters such as Malia and Kira who’ve grown in their roles, have managed to fill the spot she left. -Ally

Boyd’s Storyline that Could Have Been

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who doesn’t understand a show introducing a potential storyline for a character before unceremoniously killing them off. It’s a surprise the heroes of Beacon Hills aren’t further damaged than they already are by the amount of friends they’ve found dead or seen killed. In “Motel California” we get a hint of a Boyd storyline, of a traumatic moment from his past, and for once we think the show is finally going to give the character something to do. Instead, a few episodes later, they kill him off, we still know absolutely nothing about him, and it’s all been done to serve Derek a heaping platter of man pain.-Ally 

Season 1 and 2 Scott

Could I sound cattier? Let me explain. While Tyler Posey is arguably a better actor now, and certainly hit some rough spots in season one (which, all of the younger actors did aside from Reed), he was easily more likable in the beginning stages. This isn’t because the writers have decided to write Scott as a major ass hole, because, they’ve actually gone in the opposite direction and have written him to be a near saint. His screw ups aren’t his fault, he’s calm and collected and he’s the hero. Only the last one doesn’t bother me. He should rightly be the hero, it’s HIS show (despite what some fans would like to argue). However, a character isn’t interesting if his only growth comes from successes, if his goofy personality is swapped with a maturity that errs on the side of dull. Scott, despite being a protector of his town from all things supernatural, is also, critically, a teenage boy. Have him mess up once in awhile, it would be more realistic and also more interesting to watch.-Ally 

Derek Hale/Isaac Lahey

There’s been a lot of turnover in Teen Wolf’s cast, kicking off with Colton Haynes’s (Jackson) departure after season two, then Crystal Reed (Allison Argent) and Daniel Sharman (Isaac Lahey) at the end of season three. Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) took his leave at the end of last season, officially cutting the original cast in half and leaving us with a whole bunch of underdeveloped new characters. Arguably, both Derek and Isaac overstayed their welcomes on Teen Wolf, but recent times have made us miss them both. With all these boring newbies busy staring at each other and the eighteen villains running around talking about what legendary bad-asses they are, we could use the comic relief of first season Derek and some of Isaac’s loyalty to Scott. Derek’s random knowledge bombs might have been misplaced at times, but at least they moved the plot development along. -Bri

Kira Yukimura’s Personality

We’re well aware that Kira Yukimura is still on Teen Wolf, but her personality left the building somewhere around the end of Season 3B. Kira entered the story as a funny, self conscious girl looking for friends in a new town. She provided a good foil to Allison and Lydia, both of whom were supremely confident and self assured in their roles on the show. As soon as Kira’s kitsune powers were introduced, she was relegated to a katana-wielding badass who’s filling the role of Scott’s love interest, which isn’t enough for someone who could be a great character. At this point, Malia and Kira are both filling the socially awkward, yet capable badass role–and Shelley Hennig’s charm means Malia is doing it better. -Bri



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