TV Review: ‘Lucifer’ series premiere

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We’ve been waiting long enough and finally the day is here. Lucifer has been subtly advertised for a while, with music that attracts casual viewers to look up from their phones during commercial breaks. Fox advertises Lucifer in a way that connects back to the show itself. It’s amusing and not too heavy on the audience, instead taking a light hearted approach. Lucifer has the potential to make it on Fox and in large part it’s thanks to Tom Ellis and Lauren German, their performances made the pilot episode that much better.

The show is centered around Lucifer Morningstar, (Tom Ellis) who is tired of ruling hell and decides to take a vacation in beautiful Los Angeles. But he isn’t just getting some rest, he is running a club and consulting Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) with the murders that take place in the city. His ability to know people’s hidden desires coupled with the power to get them to tell him the truth, aids Lucifer and Chloe in their cases. But danger is close by, with his brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside) appearing in LA to convince Lucifer to return to hell. He isn’t successful but he doesn’t stop trying, especially with the way that Lucifer is connecting to the humans — definitely more than he should be.

The pilot episode was dramatic and there is definitely a set up for the season. There may have been a lack of information that we got on Lucifer and his backstory in hell but I am hoping that changes in the next episodes.  And the crime solving aspect to the story is a different approach to the Lucifer story, but I enjoyed it. Having the focus shift every week on a new crime and a new story always helps a casual viewer get into the show without feeling like they missed out on a whole plot. The loose ends get tied up every week and this lets a backstory for each character form slowly but more realistically.

The main characters that we have met didn’t all get enough screen time but the way that Lucifer and Chloe’s introduction and partnership was formed excuses that a bit. The pilot’s pace was even and didn’t rush too much with the details that we needed to know moving forward in the show. We slowly find out the important information while also getting to know the main duo. The sassy banter between Lucifer and basically anyone is entertaining and funny to watch. It may be a little predictable but with every new comment that came out of Lucifer’s mouth, I found myself liking the show more and more.

The use of music from the very beginning of the episode to the end I found to be a great approach. These songs are familiar and will definitely get the audience excited. Especially as the episode starts, the music helps build up the excitement for Lucifer’s big introduction. It mixes well with the ”badass” vibe that the show gives off throughout the pilot episode. It also sets the mood for the upcoming scenes and draws the audience into the scene.

Even though the show is a bit predictable, the way it doesn’t take itself too seriously mixes well. Lucifer‘s approach reminded me of other shows on Fox that don’t try to be over the top and end up getting received better because of it. The playful manner that Lucifer gives off is interesting, addicting and exciting. The PR for the show involved fans in New York getting free hot wings all day yesterday and this approach represents the show as a whole. Funny and pleasant. Lucifer is a show to watch when you are in the mood for some laughter and sass.

In the end, Lucifer deserves to be given a shot. Each episode will explore a new crime, and the antics that come from Lucifer himself are bound to keep the audience entertained enough to watch the episode until the end. The chemistry between Lucifer and Chloe is electric and their banter only gets better. Lucifer’s chemistry with any character is different but can sell the show just from that. He interacts with every person differently yet each new encounter is worth experiencing. It will also be interesting to see him become more human and to connect with humans around him on a deeper level than we see in the beginning. Everyone needs to give Lucifer a chance, it is worth it and the pilot is strong enough to keep fans watching.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.



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