TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×28-2×29) “Girl Meets Commonism,” “Girl Meets Bay Window”

“Girl Meets Commonism”

John Quincy Adams Honor Board Meeting: apparently John Quincy Adams Middle School has a student council that decides punishments fit for student crimes. “The key to this whole thing is to consider the facts and not get emotionally involved,” Riley says before Maya and Farkle are brought in for cheating. Riley wants to give them special treatment, but Lucas and Cory argue that it won’t help Maya in the long run. Based on how Farkle is dressed (hello, turtleneck), it looks like this is another episode shown out of order.

Cory’s Class: This week Cory is explaining communism to the class. Riley loves the idea of everyone sharing, ignoring Cory when he says that it means no one is more or less successful than anyone else. Riley and Maya declare themselves communists.

The Apartment Matthews: While Topanga is relieved that Riley is a communist and not a mime, she’s not too thrilled about the fact that Riley thinks John Lennon is the president of communism. Riley realizes that she’s going to need a pretty powerful lawyer to help with the Maya/Farkle situation — Topanga might just be that lawyer.

Honor Board: Riley calls Topanga in to the hearing. She has Riley, Maya and Farkle act out the cheating incident, revealing that Riley was an accomplice as well. Riley is uncomfortable when she realizes that Maya is adopting Farkle’s mannerisms, giving her the first hint that communism might not be right for her.

Cory’s Class: The rest of the kids have built a wall around Riley, Maya and Farkle to contain the communism. Cory doles out 100 percent to Lucas and Zay, then divides the 100 percent for the communists into three so each get a C. That math doesn’t quite work, but we’ll go with it. Maya defects from communism first — she wants to do well because she does well. Riley puts her hand over her heart and stares at the flag. Cory says he’s proud of her.

Apartment Matthews: Auggie is bored, so Topanga suggests piano lessons. Auggie isn’t into the idea of working hard, but Topanga says he’s going to have to work to discover himself. Auggie shows up to school with a suit and his new lawyer swagger. He offers representation to Frankie, who is about to be in trouble for pushing Domenic off a swing. Auggie accidentally rats him out to their teacher. Ava and her friend dress Auggie like Topanga to hide him from Frankie. He returns to the apartment, saying that he’ll give piano lessons a try. Cory and Topanga agree to deal with it tomorrow.

This was a weird, weird episode of Girl Meets World. I have a question: was this called “Girl Meets Commonism” because Disney Channel didn’t want to use “Communism” in the title? Why not just avoid this odd topic in the first place?


Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: mild. All of the kids give the old Boy Meets World gasp and “TOPANGA!” when she enters the Honor Board room.

Episode Rating: 4/10.

“Girl Meets Bay Window”

Bay Window: Riley asks Maya’s permission to tear down the bay window. Maya is upset and can’t imagine life without her sanctuary. “‘Change fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty,’” Maya quotes, using Riley’s own words to reason with her. Riley won’t be swayed; she wants to get ahead of the life changes they’ll face in high school by changing her room.


Memory #1: Farkle joins them for this first walk down memory lane, where they recount how he saved Riley’s life. Lil’ Riley nearly drowns bobbing for apples, as she thinks she has to stay underwater until she gets one. Lil’ Maya wants her to lift her head on her own, but Lil’ Farkle pulls her up. He pledges to love them both the same.

Lucas shows up to express his feelings. “I know this place has a lot of meaning to you both, and you both are special to me…in ways you’ll eventually tell me,” he explains, alluding to their romantic entanglements. He laments not growing up with them, so Riley and Maya use a musical number to change the past. Present-day Lucas ends up surrounded by the tot version of Riley and Maya, since that is the only way they’ve known him.

Memory #2: The Matthews aren’t thrilled about Riley tearing apart her room, but they eventually agree with her decision. “When you get too comfortable, there’s no room to grow,” they explain. Another memory opens with Lil’ Riley upset that the arrival of her baby brother. Auggie will change her family’s dynamic. Maya insists that it will be okay because they all love each other, leading her to explain that her father has left. This was the moment where Maya determined that change is bad. Maya is crying at this point, getting even more upset that high school will change everything. The boys insist that they will always be there, while Riley says that she is Maya’s safe place, not the bay window.

Memory #3: Lil’ Riley is singing at the bay window when Lil’ Maya hops in for the first time. She wants to get away from her parents’ yelling, while Lil’ Riley just wants someone to sit with her. They declare themselves best friends.


Here’s where it gets weird. Riley and Maya meet Lil’ Riley and Lil’ Maya. “We wanted to visit you and spend times with you before things change,” they explain, both fighting tears. The four of them meet even older versions of themselves. Older Maya is moving to SoHo, which freaks older Riley out. I don’t really understand, as I believe Riley lives in the West Village, which is directly next to SoHo. Anyway, they agree to take their memories with them. The episode ends with Riley and Maya putting the finishing touches on the updated bay window and reaffirming that they’ll always be together.

An episode of Girl Meets World that deals with fear of change or Riley and Maya’s friendship is normal. Bring on the feelings, bring on the flashbacks, etc. However, Maya and Riley’s unexplained ability to see and interact with other versions of themselves made the episode a very odd choice. Another question: why did Riley say she was “tearing down the bay window” when she was actually redecorating it? That is a lot less upsetting if you ask me. Semantics, Matthews. They matter.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: none.

Episode Rating: 5/10.


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